How to Use Neck Pillow on Plane – [for A Better Experience]

Sleeping on the plane is a great way to pass the journey time.

It helps you can get rid of jet lag and tiredness easily.

But aches and pain come with sleep. You can experience pain or aches even if you do not sleep on the long journey.

A good neck pillow comes to solve this issue. The problem arises with the proper use. If you do not know how to use neck pillow on plane properly, you can still experience those problems in the neck.

Inflate the pillow and place it properly around your neck. Recline the seat to make it more comfortable. Use an eye mask to cover your eyes from light and try different pillow positions for better sleeping. Make sure to pick the right neck pillow to fit you perfect and deliver maximum comfort.

How to Use Neck Pillow on Plane Properly – Follow 6 Steps

An air traveler using a neck pillow on the plane

Let’s see the right way to use a neck pillow on a plane.

Step 1: Inflate the Pillow

A lot of people use inflatable neck pillow to save space in the bag. If you are one of them, make sure to inflate the pillow before using it. You can use your breath to inflate it until it is firm and round. Seal the pillow properly once you are done inflating it.

Some pillows come with self-inflatable functions. Simply open the valve and wait for a while. It will get inflated slowly. Avoid this step if you have a foam-made or micro bead-made pillow.

Step 2: Place the Pillow around Your Neck

Placing the pillow is the most important task. Most pillows come in u-shape designs. You need to fit it around the back of the neck with the opening over the throat.

Some pillows feature straps to cross the throat for better fitting. Simply attach the strap to keep the pillow in place.

You might not have a u-shaped pillow. A non-U-shaped or rectangular pillow can fit between your shoulder and head. Simply place it on any side you want and make it comfortable for you.

Step 3: Is It “Backward” or “Frontward”?

This is a huge controversy. Placing the pillow in a backward position was most common. But a TikToker recently breaks the internet claiming that the frontward position is the best. Some people are following the trend and recommending the method.

You can either use it backward or frontward as per convenience. The Frontward position helps you stable your head and feel comfortable.

When we sleep, our heads tend to fall on one side or the front side naturally. Using the pillow backward will not help you anyway in that case. But remember that you cannot drink beverages or eat food wearing the pillow frontward.

Step 4: Recline the Seat

The backward style might feel comfortable yet not support your head. You can simply recline your sit slightly to get proper head support. Make sure you do it slowly and do not disturb any passenger behind you.

Step 5: Set the Pillow in Different Positions

Your head will move in different positions when sleeping on a plane. That is why set the pillow in different positions according to head position. Simply turn the u-shaped pillow or place the non-U-shaped pillow in the right position to support your head.

Step 6: Place It on The Tray for Leaning Forward

You may want to lean forward sometime. We all have that tendency, especially in the long journey. Place the pillow on the front tray and then lean forward your head. It helps you get a comfortable journey.

How Do You Pack A Travel Pillow When Traveling?

You need to pack your pillow when traveling on a plane. Make sure you follow the steps below.

  • Deflate the pillow to utilize the space and then roll it.
  • Cover your neck pillow with a t-shirt to prevent any kind of damage and scratches.
  • Make sure you pick the right size so it fits perfectly in your luggage.
  • Use suction to reduce space in the bag after packing.
  • Fold it if necessary.

How to Choose A Perfect Neck Pillow for Travel?

The best neck pillow has to be compact to take in pocket, carry-on, or travel case easily.

Use It Before Purchasing

You should use the neck pillow before purchasing it if you are buying it offline. It will ensure perfect fitting and comfort. For online purchasing, try to pick one with an adjustable strap.

Try Avoiding Cotton, Polyester, And Inflatable Pillow

Inflatable pillows are great for packing. But they are not good at supporting your neck and delivering enough comfort. Try to avoid cotton and polyester since these are too soft to support your neck. Memory foam is the best to deliver maximum breathability, comfort, and superior support for your neck.

Have A U-Shaped Design

You will find pillows with different shapes and designs. A U-shaped design is the best to deliver support around your neck and head. A u-shaped pillow will support your neck when you move your head in different positions throughout the travel.

Other shapes might not provide ample support for each and every position. You also need to change the pillow position for different head positions.

Tips to Ensure A Sound Sleep while Traveling on A Plane

Not everyone uses a neck pillow to reduce or avoid pain. Some people love to use it to ensure sound sleep. Do you want that too? Then follow the tips below.

  • Pick the class and seat wisely.
  • Use an eye mask to get rid of any light when traveling on a plane.
  • Ensure the most comfortable sleeping position with the help of a neck pillow.
  • Turn your smart devices off.
  • Wear noise cancelation headphone if possible.
  • Learn how to wear neck pillow on plane and wear it properly.
  • Cover your pillow with a soft cover if the pillow materials are not breathable and comfortable.
  • Make sure your pillow is not allergic to you.
  • Always clean your pillow properly before any travel.
  • Do not drink alcohol or caffeine while traveling.
  • Wear something comfortable to ensure sound sleep. Only a good pillow is not enough.

How to Avoid Neck Pain While Traveling on A Plane?

One of the main purposes of using a neck pillow is to avoid neck pain. Do you know how to avoid it? Follow the steps below.

  • Consult your doctor before travel if you have neck pain.
  • Keep medication if you experience regular neck pain.
  • Try to use a good and comfortable neck pillow to ensure an ergonomic body posture.
  • Understand how to use neck pillow in flight and do it accordingly.
  • Try to get up often and have a small walk during the journey.
  • Recline your seat to the most comfortable position. Do not disturb the passenger behind you.
  • Try to use a back pillow to get better support.
  • Drink adequate water and stay hydrated.
  • Do some exercise before and after traveling.
  • Avoid carrying any heady item.
  • Try not to take caffeine or alcohols.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions to ask? Then have a look at the section below.

Can I bring a neck pillow on a plane?

Yes, you can bring a neck pillow on a plane and there is no restriction. Simply pack it in your backpack or checked luggage and enjoy the travel.

Does a neck pillow count as a carry-on?

A neck pillow counts as a carry-on only when you take it in your hand. You should always pack your neck pillow in your bag or luggage. It will prevent the authority to ask you put the pillow under the seat when traveling on the plane.

Are neck pillows bad for you?

A neck pillow can be a great companion when traveling. You can enjoy the comfort and sleep better with a pillow. But make sure to pick the right pillow since a wrong pillow will cause pain and discomfort.

Do travel pillows help neck pain?

Yes, a good travel pillow can ensure a good ergonomic body position and support your neck. It helps alleviate the neck pain a lot.

Wrap Up

A good neck pillow can improve your plane experience a lot. If you know how to use neck pillow on plane, the journey will be beyond awesome.

Make sure you pick the right neck pillow and wear it perfectly to get the maximum benefit out of it. A wrong pillow and wrong wearing can be dangerous. Your entire travel may end in a vein for that. Try to avoid polyester, cotton, and inflatable pillows. Use memory foam and keep it clean. Wear properly and enjoy your journey like never before. Have a safe journey.

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