How to Protect Stroller When Flying

Travelling is always fun until an obstacle comes in your way. A stroller, however, shouldn’t be regarded as an obstacle. That’s why you need to know how to protect the stroller when flying. Otherwise, it will become a bit of a hassle when traveling around the world.

As you don’t want any scratches or damages on your stroller, you must pack it carefully with a handy stroller bag. But no worries, I am going to break down every task you have to do from packing to gate checking. 

So, want to know more about how to protect the stroller when flying? Keep reading….

Easy ways to Protect Stroller When Flying

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Take Your Stroller On Board 

The best way to protect your stroller is to rely on yourself. Keep the stroller with you all the time when flying. To make this happen, your stroller shouldn’t have more weight than the airline allows. However, many airlines allow stroller onboard without any restrictions, especially when you have a kid. 

But, no ways to undermine the size and weight of your stroller. If this is lightweight and compact, you can carry and fold it easily. If the airline’s staffs allow you to keep the item with yourself, place it in the bin compartment overhead. Ask the flight attendees for help, if you face any problem.  

Use a Stroller Bag

Putting your stroller in a protective stroller bag is a great solution in this regard. A sturdy stroller bag would protect your stroller from potential damages when handled by airlines staffs. Keep in mind the following things when you consider buying a stroller bag: 

  • Make sure the bag has enough space for your stroller. 
  • Rather than finding the cheapest, look for the most durable one. 
  • The stroller bag should be waterproof.
  • A reliable lock could provide safety and security; don’t undermine it. 

Using a stroller bag with the features mentioned above could protect the item from dirt and germs. However, if you want your stroller to be safe from other damages such as getting scratched or broken, you to buy a padded bag. A padded bag is more sturdy and takes care of every part of your stroller, no matter how fragile they are.

If you don’t want to spend on a padded bag, however, you can still have some sort of protection by putting stuff around the stroller in the bag. Your kid’s nappies/diapers can make a protective wall around your stroller. 

Wrap or Bandage the Stroller 

The handles of your stroller may be vulnerable, especially since the handles are covered with foams. Any contact with sharp edges of anything could leave a scratch on the handles. Plus, it could potentially cut through the seat, you never know what is coming your way. That’s why wrapping the stroller plays an important role. 

Besides, if you are planning for gate checking your stroller, you may also want to cover it with bubble wraps. This is how you can protect the stroller from getting scratched or scuffed in the ‘in and out process. 

Plastic Wrap at the Airport

Wrapping the stroller may be a bit of a hassle for you as you have other things to take care of. You can take the service at the airport spending some $10 to $15. As you have already spent a handful amount of money on the stroller, it is worth paying on protecting it.

A plastic wrap would protect your stroller from dirt and germ as well as potential damages when handled by rough hands.

Remove Stroller Accessories 

Before gate checking or taking the stroller on board, take off the accessories such as the umbrella, cup holder, hoods, and trays. These are fragile and extended parts of the stroller. They can break easily going in contact with other stuff on the line. So, it is better to remove them than to regret them after damaging them.

Plus, if you remove them, packing the stroller and putting it in the bin compartment will become easier.

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Keep Your Stroller in a Box

Although it may cost you some money because of overweight, it is still a great way to go. By keeping your stroller in a box, you can rest assured that your stroller will be safe and protected from any sort of damage. 

Plus, if you use a bubble bag for wrapping the stroller, then put everything in the box, your stroller would enjoy more protection.  

Gate Checking Info

After discussing almost everything regarding the protection of your stroller, it is worth having some idea about the gate checking procedures. 

When you gate-check your other baggage, the airport bag handlers would give you a tag to affix. Let them know that you are also carrying a stroller. The staff will tag the stroller as well. 

When you are done with gate checking, you will then wait for getting on board. Your baggage, as well as the stroller, will be handled and transported by the aircraft and airport staff. After reaching your destination, you will collect your baggage and stroller from the baggage collecting zone. 

If your stroller is packed well, you don’t have to worry about damages. You can collect your stroller and get going to the next destination.

To Sum Up

Carrying a toddler or infant when flying is an adventure for parents. When a stroller is involved, it becomes even more challenging to carry all the baggage as well as the stroller; also caring for the kids. 

However, if you use the tips and tricks discussed in this article, you can easily get away with this hassle. Moreover, if you get an idea about the stroller policies of the airline, you can make up your mind on whether you gate check your stroller, or take it on board. 

Now, you know how to protect your stroller when flying. So, have a safe journey with your kids; have fun when flying.

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