How to Make a Camping Cot More Comfortable – 8 Easy Tips

Have you ever experienced uncomfortable sleep making your trip worse? After a hectic day during a trip, all you demand is sound sleep. Keeping recreational mode active for the next day demands health comfort.

Mostly, campers find their sleeping time challenging for not having suitable cots. However, not every cot available in the market provides comfort. Trust us, going for a suitable cot also asks for some add-ons. What should you do then?

Meanwhile, confusion arises as some go for cushy sleeping bags while other campers prefer comfortable cots. No worries, we’ll show you how to make a camping cot more comfortable in this article. Let’s begin!

What is Actually a Camping Cot?

Before moving to the sheer comfort zone of a cot, do you know what it offers? As per travel aspects, campers require a bed that ensures portability.

Besides, lightweight and tiny size are the key traits of a camping cot. It sounds precise now, right? Hold on, let us dig out more details!

Who Can Use a Camping Cot?

Are you going to a camp or day-long hiking? Being casual during adventure makes ownself much relaxed. Alongside them, army persons, hitchhikers, car campers, etc., also find it suitable. Its quicker accommodation facilities keep it very useful to even urgent outdoor cases.

Why Do You Need Camping Cot?

First of all, I can divide the whole camping success into two. The first phase is all about your activities, while the rest contains your sleeping. Yes, these two connect all dots of sheer comfort.

Why Camping Cot is Necessary for You?

It’s a pressing topic that each camper wishes to be aware of while camping. Among the most popular reasons for using such a camping cot are:

  • You’ll get a good night’s sleep if you sleep on a cot.
  • Possible to use the camping cot at any time of year.
  • Additionally, receive a cot with a collapsible frame that’s effortless to assemble.
  • The most remarkable feature is that it’s pretty easy to transport anytime.

How to Make A Camping Cot More Comfortable

Enough of basic things! Now, it’s my turn to fill you in with the making process. Well, the following ways can ensure your comfort outdoors.

1. Utilizing Graded Sleeping Bags

By default, getting a cot isn’t enough to turn your sleep into luxury. Having a sleeping bag will add total luxury, and work as an extra cushion beneath your head along with the whole body. Those who have back pain can get the full advantage from it.

Besides, it traps air by using the metabolism of your body. That’s why your body will remain warmer even in cool weather through inner circulation.

2. Fitting Your Body Size

Campers often make a common mistake in picking the size. Sound sleep will just fly away if you get a long one.

In terms of body balancing, neither longer nor shorter can provide you with the best. Just get a medium-sized one to offer you a sound sleep.

3. Positioning to the Ideal Place

Can a cot serve you well on an unstable surface? Well, it can’t. An uneven, and edgy place won’t keep your camping cot stable. So, consider a stable, and straight place to stay over.

4. Using Sleeping Pads

Just like bedsheets, using a sleeping pad is quite useful here. Placing this pad over the cot makes it comfier, keeps you warmer.

5. Carrying Pillows & Soft Sheets

These are add-on materials to enhance your soothing experience. Like at home, diving your head into a comfortable pillow soothes out all trouble. Meanwhile, carrying a delicate cloth sheet can ensure your safety from catching dirt.

6. Keep Your Cot Simple

Now, you may ask why I suggested add-ons to consider earlier, right? Don’t get confused! Carrying relevant stuff is okay unless it’s fancy or heavy enough. Campers find these complicated, and equally challenging after spending a hectic day. So, make your sleeping time worthwhile by not bringing any extra baggage.

7. Select a Simple Design

Definitely don’t squander a lot on a beautiful camping cot. So, to get the most out of your camping cot, use a flexible, durable, yet simple one.

8. Mattress for Camping Cot

Your flexibility in a cot introduces much more add-ons. A mattress made of memory foam brings health comfort. Well, can you put a mattress on a camping cot? Yes, you can. Just measure the cot size correctly before getting a mattress.

Likely beds, mattress for camping cot provides extreme comfort on a trip with simple manuals. You’ll find a superior-level sleep experience along with retaining your body imprint.

However, if you have a group of 6 travelers, you’ll have to consider a big air mattress for 6 person tent [what sizes air mattress fits in a 6 person tent] and cot as well.

Advantages of a Camping Cot

You’ve already got the idea of how to make a camping cot more comfortable, right? Now it’s time to know the advantages! So, let’s review its advantages that convince users to buy for peaceful adventure.

1. Getting a Sound Sleep

Facing a hurdle in sleeping is just another common part of any adventure. Surviving bad weather, staying on uneven grounds would be the regular scenario.

But a camping cot can offer you a peaceful, and healthy sleep so that the following day starts again with the same energy.

2. Highly Portable

Alongside your travel bag, carrying an extra cot won’t be that challenging since they come in a pretty lightweight build and portable feature. Meanwhile, cots are widely popular for their lighter bedding facilities also.

3. Less Expensive

It won’t break your bank to get a camping cot. You can get a good camping cot with the least budget of $50. And if you want to get a high-end cot, you can go as high as $200 and more.

What Should Be Considered Before Purchasing a Camping Cot?

Some considerations should be made while purchasing camping cots. The characteristics are as follows:


A suitable camping cot may cost you a respectable amount of money. As a result, you must note that the product must be long-lasting.

The camping cot’s surface must be flat while the bed’s springs should not produce any noise, and the structure should be sturdy enough.

Just take into account that lightweight yet high-end products contain both durable aluminum and sturdy steel. So, make sure to check the durability.


You must get a portable camping cot; this implies that your desired bed should be light and flexible. It should be simple to roll, unroll and assemble.


No matter if you prefer to sleep on either your back or side, your preferable camping cot should allow you to do so comfortably.

Thus, the bed frame mustn’t interfere with your rest period; otherwise, this will impair your comfort zone.

Extra Camping Cot Tips: Precaution for Tent

A tent is a must to say with your close one on a trip, or it can be a group too. But before taking a tent with you, consider a few concerns:

  • Sizes of a tent and cot are crucial to keep the cot fit properly. It may result in damaging your cot or tent if not.
  • Mattress size is also an important thing to consider. For example, if you’re planning to go camping with your beloved one, you need a tent for two people. So get an air mattress that fits a two-person tent[what size air mattress fits in the two-person tent] that equals the cot’s size.
  • Keep your tent minimal with only necessary items inside. It’ll allow you extra space to stretch legs, move comfortably.
  • Some dynamic tents provide basic tent equipment to bring bed comfort. These ready-to-go features help you out from other items from your backpack indeed. Look for it too while buying!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are camping cots good for side sleepers?

Yes, camping cots are good enough for side sleepers. However, it might not be as comfortable. I highly recommend you to get an additional mattress pad attachment, this way it’ll provide more comfort for your shoulders and your body.

How much do decent camping cots cost on average?

Usually, camping cots will range from 100$ up to 1000$. If you’re looking for a mid-range comfortable camping cot, it’ll usually be around 200-400$ at most.
If you’re going for a budget-friendly yet comfortable camping cot, I’d recommend you to go for the Coleman camping cot. It’s only around 200 dollars and is extremely comfortable, it’s one of the best deals you’ll find considering the price.

Will a camping cot keep me warm?

Yes, camping cots are made for all temperatures and weathers, and it’s great for a cold temperature. Camping cots will make you warm enough to sleep comfortably already, but you can get a blanket to make yourself more comfortable.
The mattresses on camping cots are specifically made to make you warm, so you don’t always need to bring a blanket.

Final Thoughts

By now, you have already got the zest of how to make a camping cot more comfortable. I discussed all the possible ways you could enjoy a lavishing and comfortable camping cat.

You wouldn’t come across a stressed adventure ever, would you? I believe this process will make your trip more convenient and stress-free. Happy Travelling!

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