Best Double Sleeping Pad For Roof Top Tent

We all want to enjoy our days camping with our family or friends in a roof top tent.

The enjoyment of camping depends on the quality of sleep.

And the sleeping quality depends on the pad you have in the roof top tent.

Any random pad will not give you the comfort and cozy feeling at all.

You need the best double sleeping pad for roof top tent to enjoy sleeping with your partner. It will give a large, comfortable, and safe place to sleep. You can enjoy the time with your partner or friends in the tent. Carrying is easier as well. You will also get weather protection and longevity from a good pad.

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5 Best Double Sleeping Pad for Roof Top Tent in 2022

But finding the best sleeping pad for roof top tent is not child’s play. You may need to go through thousands of options. We have created a shortlist of 5 pads with their benefits to make your decision-making easier.

1. Multi-use lightest Double Sleeping Pad for Sleeping

Multi-use lightest Double Sleeping Pad is one of the best mattresses for roof top tents for its multiple valuable features. It comes with enough insulation and cushioning to provide your comfort and cozy feeling.

The weight is 34.5oz, making it easy to carry in your car trunk or backpack. But do not get deceived with its weight. It offers 2.25″ thickness with air pockets. Your weight will be distributed evenly to keep you off the hard ground.

Its twin XL large size will give you enough space to sleep with two people comfortably. Inflating the bed is easier as well. You can do it within seconds. Its snug valve will keep the bed sealed, so you do not lose air soon.

The reinforced fabric construction prevents any tears and leaks. It also comes with a 40D rip-stop Nylon and TPU coating that protects you from fog and water. You can expect a long-lasting lifespan from this.

This tent bed not only works as a bed but also as a lifesaver. You will get a bottle opener, whistle, flint starter, and compass in case of emergency. A secret compartment also stores small accessories to take your camping to the next level.

Things We Like

  • Proper insulation and cushioning for maximum comfort
  • Easy to carry for lightweight design
  • Large size suitable for a couple
  • Easy and fast inflation
  • Works as a lifesaver for its emergency functionalities

Things Can be Improved

  • No self-inflation.

2. Hikenture Ultralight Portable Waterproof Double Sleeping Pad

Hikenture Ultralight Double Sleeping Pad is another excellent pad for rooftop camping. It features a unique air-cell design that keeps the inside airflow improved. This will ensure adequate support when you sleep.

Carrying will be easier since it takes only 10.6” x 4.7” x 4.7” space when packed. The weight is only 2.5LBS (40oz) so that will not be a burden in your backpack or car trunk.

Despite the small size and lightweight design, this bed offers a 2” thickness to ensure superior comfort. The size will be 76.8″ x 45.3″ when inflated. You and your partner can comfortably sleep on this bed without any space issues.

Inflating the sleeping pad in camping is a hassle. You either pain your mount while breathing or invest money to buy an air compressor. But this one comes with practical pump air suck technology. You need only 3-5 bags of air to be fully blown up.

But do not think it will take so much time. You need to wait for less than a minute to fully blow up. Two valves are there to ensure fast deflation as well. These valves also ensure tight air sealing.

The construction is made of reinforced 40D rip-stop nylon with coating. You will get protection against water and fog. The environmentally friendly TPU layer will also ensure zero leaks for added durability and longevity.

Things We Like

  • Durable and waterproof construction for zero leaks
  • Easy to inflate with self-inflation facility
  • Lightweight and small when packed to carry
  • Thick design for additional comfort
  • Fast deflation for easy packing

Things Can be Improved

  • No bottle opener, compass, or whistle.

3. Sleepingo Lightweight Waterproof Double Sleeping Bag

You want to make romance happen in the roof top tent?

Then this quality, portable Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag is the perfect option. You and your partner can enjoy quality sleeping and romance time in this bag.

The large size of 87″ X 59″ makes it perfect for 2 adults. You two will have ample room and comfort on the trip.

This roof top tent sleeping bag offers zero tearing for its tight conditions. You will also experience no shivering due to heat loss. Carrying is easier with a lightweight design of 6lbs only. It will take 15×12” space in your backpack or car trunk when packed.

A carrying case is included there for even more convenient carrying the bag. You will also get two traveling pillows with the bed. These will help you improve your sleeping experiences.

The outer shell is constructed with solid-grade polyester fabric. It will help you stay dry and cool in rainy conditions. Each square inch is also packed with a 210 thread count that prolongs the longevity of the bed.

Its inner lining is constructed with cotton and tetron that delivers an excellent cozy feeling when sleeping.

Things We Like

  • Offers comfortable and cozy feeling while sleeping
  • Large space for you and your partner
  • Portable for its lightweight design and carrying case
  • Durable construction for longevity and weather resistance
  • Traveling pillows for headrest

Things Can be Improved

  • Not suitable for extremely cold weather.

4. Heyoh Automatic SUV Air Mattress Self Inflating Double Sleeping pad

Inflation is securely a pain for many people in camping. Heyoh Automatic SUV air Mattress comes to solve this problem. All you have to do is to leave the mattress, and it will be inflated automatically. This becomes possible due to the high elasticity of the sponge core.

The high-density sponges offer you 2 inches of thickness. It might not be like your regular home mattresses, but it will provide you with enough comfort to sleep.

This overlander rooftop tent mattress features soft, durable, and waterproof fabric. You can easily clean it and maintain hygiene. Its breathability also keeps you cool in hot conditions. It is also designed with an anti-collision edge for safety and comfort.

The high-quality stretch cotton construction prevents air leaks and prolongs durability. You will also get an inflatable pillow on the top for added comfort.

Space might be a problem when it comes to double sleeping beds. This one comes with ample space for a couple.

But the large size will not be a problem for carrying. It takes less than 65cm*20cm space when folded. And the weight is only 6lbs, which ensures better portability.

Things We Like

  • Easy and fast inflation
  • Sponges for additional comfort
  • Easy to clean before and
  • Enough space for two people
  • Lightweight and portable for outdoor camping

Things Can be Improved

  • The anti-collision edges and pillow require manual inflation.

5. VECUKTY Waterproof Double Sleeping Pad Upgraded Foot Press

Up next is VECUKTY Double Camping Sleeping Pad that brings comfort, hygiene, and safety to your roof tent.

Let’s talk about comfort first.

It offers 80.7″ x 47.2″ space with 2.4 inches thickness. You and your partner will get enough space for sleeping and cuddling. The stress relief bubble design will diffuse the pressure on your back or side while sleeping.

It absorbs the pressure and gives side and back sleepers more comfort. Ergonomic pillows are also there for additional head support.

This bed is made of upgraded waterproof 40D nylon fabric when it comes to construction. It keeps you dry in rainy seasons and prolongs the durability. The TPU coating allows you to clean with water to maintain hygiene.

Inflation is not a big deal, thanks to its pedal inflation system. Say goodbye to blowing or carrying a separate pump. Use the pedal to inflate within minutes.

But do not think this pump will hamper your comfort. It is located in the foot end, so you do not have a problem using the bed.

Deflation is also important since you need to pack the bed after using it. The valves in this bed are independent, making the deflation quick and less time-consuming.

Carrying is easier as well for its 3lbs weight. A carrying bag is also there to improve portability. Take this mattress with you and enjoy roof tent camping with your partner like never before.

Things We Like

  • Large space suitable for two people
  • Offers comfort with higher thickness and bubble design
  • Durable construction for longevity and hygiene
  • Easy inflation and deflation
  • Offers easy and improved portability

Things Can be Improved

  • No self-inflation facility is available.

How Can I Make My Roof Top Tent More Comfortable?

A camping backpack with double sleeping pad

You always want to make your roof top tent more comfortable to enjoy camping. Follow the guidelines below to make the tent more comfortable.

  • Always use comfortable and large bedding to ensure sound sleep.
  • Try to take your pillows to feel at home even in the jungle.
  • Use a new mat and clean bed sheet to make the bed even more comfortable.
  • Try to avoid a sleeping bag; instead, use a Duvet.
  • Create lighting inside the tent if you do not like darkness that much.
  • Use a hot water bottle to keep inside warm during cold conditions.
  • Try a movie stand to watch something when sleeping on your bed.

Can You Leave Your Bedding In Roof Top Tent?

Yes, you can leave your bedding in the roof top tent. But you need to take necessary measurements to maintain hygiene and safety. It is important to clean the bed before you leave it.

You should also fold it properly before going to another destination or outside. Place the pillow in a large bag. It will be better if you cover it with something so that no dirt can grow easily.

Finally, clean the bed before using it once again. You can simply wipe the dirt or use baking soda or other detergents to clean the bedding. But do not use the bed without cleaning.

When you leave the bed for a long time, dirt and germs may grow that can cause some problems. So try to clean it before using it. If you can take those measurements, leaving the bedding in the roof top tent will not be a problem.

Wrap Up

You do not want to hamper your sleep with your partner in the camping at any cost. The fun of camping will be destroyed if you cannot ensure sound sleep.

Lack of space, comfort, and environment are the key problems that hamper sleeping. The best double sleeping pad for roof top comes to solve all those problems. It will give you a comfortable home-like feeling even in the tent. You can enjoy the comfort and cozy feeling even in the jungle when you have a good sleeping pad. It also delivers ample space for both of you. Make sure you get the right one for your tent to take your trip to the next level.

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