How to Pack A Suitcase to Save Space – [27 Tips for Your Next Trip]

We are never satisfied with the space of our suitcase.

Whether it is a one-day trip or a one-week trip, the suitcase is never enough to carry our belongings.

Is there any solution?

You can solve the problem if you know how to pack a suitcase to save space.

The process is not that tough. Know what to pack and what not to pack, pick the right suitcase, think out of the box, and pack it smoothly. To save your space, you can use different folding methods, multi-purpose bags, and versatile clothing.

Apply different methods for clothing, shoes, jewelry, and toiletries. Remember the season, occasion, and personality. You can easily utilize every single space of your suitcase and take maximum belongings on your trip.

27 Tips for Packing A Suitcase to Save Space

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Let’s see the right process of saving space when packing for a trip. These packing suitcase hacks will help you maximize your suitcase space.

Know What to Pack

You should know what to pack for your trip. It is not wise to take unnecessary things and make your suitcase heavy.

To do that, create a list of what you are going to use on the trip. Consider the season when making the list. You do not want to take jackets in a place where summer has just arrived, even if you live in a winter country.

Know What Not to Pack

Knowing what not to pack is more important than knowing what to pack. We often take more things than necessary. And when we reach the destination, half of the items stay unused.

Try to avoid anything unnecessary when making the list. You should pick the minimum number of belongings on the trip. Anything extra should not be included in your list.

Reduce the number of shoes, ornaments, and clothing. But do not leave anything necessary. Our goal is to get all the useful items on the trip.

Know the Airline Rules Before Starting Your Journey

Airline rules vary from airline to airline. It has a direct connection to your suitcase packing.


Well, the suitcase size for carry-one is not the same for all airlines. If you do not know the airline rules about carry-on size, you will be in trouble. Know the rules about illegal items as well. There is also a weight limit in the airlines.

Do Laundry On The Trip

You may need to reuse your clothes if you are planning to stay a week or more on the trip. Try to do your laundry in the hotel room sink. Purchase the laundry detergent from the nearest shop of the hotel.

It will be a hassle to carry the detergent all the way to your trip. Do not make this mistake. You can even dry your clothes naturally in the hotel. This simple trick will double the capacity to carry clothing in your suitcase.

Pick the Right Suitcase

One of the best ways to maximize packing capacity is to pick the right suitcase. You will have a tough time-saving space if you choose the wrong suitcase. Here are the tips for selecting the right suitcase for your trip.

  • Consider the size limitation of airlines and pick the right size for your suitcase.
  • Know how many days you are going to stay and pick the right suitcase size accordingly.
  • Pick hard or soft materials depending on the condition and preferences.
  • Check for waterproof construction with tightly sealed zippers.
  • Do not forget to check TSA-Approved locks since you may carry some valuable items in them.
  • Try something stylish and unique to set yourself apart from others.
  • Two wheels or four wheels- choose the one that fits your needs.
  • Consider having pockets and compartments for better access.
  • The handle should be easy to maneuver.

Wear Bulky Items

Some people make their suitcases heavy and filled with bulky items. It reduces the inner space and prevents utilizing other spaces. You can simply wear the bulkiest items when traveling to save space inside.

Wear your jacket or boots when traveling. It will help you carry the bulkiest items without wasting your suitcase space. It may look awkward in some situations. But do not worry about what others think. Remember that people do not have time to think about you.

Do Not Pack at The Last Moment

Some people like to pack at the last moment. Do not make this mistake. We often forget to pack some necessary items in a hurry. Your suitcase will be filled with unnecessary items in that case.

Make sure you take preparation and pack at least 2 days before the trip. You can also create a list and pack it the day before the trip.

Use Travel-Size Toiletries

You may want to take your toiletries when traveling. Make sure to use travel-size toiletries to reduce space inside the bag. Try to minimize the number and take the fewest number of toiletries with you. Use the suitcase pockets to put the items.

To cover your travel needs, you can put a small amount of shampoo, toothpaste, or gels in small bottles. Carrying the entire bottle of shampoo or toothpaste does not make any sense.

Replace Your Toiletry Bag with A Ziploc Bag

Some people use Dopp kits or other bags inside the suitcase to carry toiletries. These bags will waste the space in the bag. A simple solution to this problem is to use a Ziploc bag.

Make sure to squeeze the air out from the bag before packing. It will save more space in your bag.

Buy Toiletries When You Reach Your Destination

Another most effective way to pack a suitcase to save space is to buy toiletries when you reach the destination. Make sure you know the desired toiletries will be available at your destination. Know the price of the toiletries before going there.

Some places charge more than the general places. You do not want to pay that tourist price for your toiletries. Make a decision to buy it at your destination only when you know the cost and availability.

Roll the Clothes Sometimes, But Not Always

If you want to be a master of packing suitcases and saving space, try to learn to roll the clothes. You can save plenty of space by rolling instead of folding.

It is also simple to organize and access the rolled clothes. But do not roll all types of clothes. Some fabrics will get wrinkled with rolling. Know the fabric first and only then roll your clothes. Thicker clothes might also raise problems since they are tough to roll.

Fold Neatly

Thicker and sophisticated clothes are not meant to be rolled. Simply fold or lay down the thicker or sophisticated garments at the bottom to save space. You can put your sweater or coat in this way. Try to fold and place it neatly so that it looks good. It will also help you get better access.

Bundle Packing Clothes

You can bundle your clothes to pack your suitcase.

But what is the bundle packing method?

Well, it is simply wrapping some small clothes and packing them in a suitcase. It is a great alternative to rolling and folding for smaller items. You can even organize the smaller items properly with this technique.

Place Your Shoes Carefully

Shoes are the bulkiest option in most cases for suitcases. That is why it is important to place your shoes carefully. You need to follow some techniques when putting your shoes in. Here are those techniques.

  • Clean your shoes before packing & pack shoes into a plastic bag.
  • Keep the soles to the side to create more space in the middle.
  • Place your shoes at the bottom of the suitcase.
  • Pack them in the zipper compartment.
  • Wear the bulkiest shoes when traveling.
  • Try to take shoes that suit multiple occasions or parties.
  • High heels or boots should be wrapped with soft cloths to prevent damage to other items.
  • Use containers if there is a chance of squeezing the shoes.

Put Your Socks and Small Items Inside Your Shoes

You can save even more space if you utilize the shoe space. Simply put any small items in your shoes. It includes socks, undergarments, belts, watches, and others. These items will be protected in the shoes, and you can save a lot of space.

Use Space Saver Bags

Space saver bags are great in terms of saving space. You can pack your clothes, pillow, or any other items in the space saver or vacuum bags. Simply place your clothes in the space-saving packing bags and bring the air out.

Then roll the bags to save even more space. Make sure you pick the best space-saving bags for travel & portable vacuum pumps for space bags.

Use Container

Sometimes you need to carry soft and fragile items in your suitcase. To protect them, you can use a container. Containers can also save some space if placed properly. Try to pick durable containers so that they can protect your items.

The best item to put in the containers is jewelry. Jewelry itself is vulnerable and dangerous to other items. Keep them in the containers.

Place Any Liquid on The Top

Liquid items such as toiletries or drinking water should always be placed on the top of your suitcase. Make sure you tighten their heads properly. It is even better to use a solid form of liquid forms such as dry shampoo, soap, and others.

Use Nooks and Crannies

You will find some items that look small yet take a lot of space in your suitcase. It is always better to place them in the corner or between the shoe gaps. Try to use those nooks and crannies to utilize maximum space.

Use the Pockets of the Suitcase

Your suitcase will come with many compartments and pockets. Utilize those pockets and compartments. Keep your small items in those pockets. You can also place your undergarments there.

Pick Multi-Purpose Items

When packing, we should always keep the occasions, seasons, and colors in our minds. You should not wear a jacket in the hot summer. It is weird to wear a coat at a beach party. Consider all those factors when packing your clothes.

But the problem comes with space. You cannot take all those different clothes in one suitcase. That is why try to take versatile items that can be used on multiple occasions.

It can be a suit, shoes, cream, or something that you can wear or use to a party or camping. For example, the BB cream can be used as a foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

You Can Also Use A Pill Organizer to Keep Your Jewelry

Containers are good for jewelry. But that can take more space in the suitcase. A pill organizer is the best option in that case to place your jewelry. It is safe and easy to use. You can easily find the right items quickly if you use a pill organizer. Earrings and rings are perfect for pill organizers.

Stack and Fold Your Bras

Bras are different from any other clothes and undergarments. You need to take special care of it when packing. Follow the steps below to pack your bras.

  • Simply lay your bra on the floor.
  • Place a second bra on the first one. Put more if needed.
  • Fold all the bras in half carefully.
  • Tuck the bra straps inside the cup.
  • You can even put your underwear in the cup to save even more space.

Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are great alternatives to space saver bags. You should not use space saver bags for delicate items that get wrinkled. Packing cubes might work well in those cases. You will find compression cubes with different shapes for better packing.

Try To Pack Things Inside The Things

Another great suitcase packing hack is to pack things inside the things. Think outside the box and place things inside. You can place your underwear in the bra cup, as I mentioned above.

Or you can put socks, belts, and watches in your shoes. Try the best way to pack a suitcase to save space.

Use Travel Size Bottles

You will find refilling options when traveling. It is always better to use a travel-size collapsible bottle for drinking water. Taking a full-size bottle for drinking will increase the suitcase’s weight and consume more space.

You can also buy mineral drinking water later instead of carrying bottles. It will always save your space a lot.

Review the List

After finishing the packing, you should review the list once again. It will help you ensure all the necessary items are in the suitcase. You can even reduce the number of items if you find out that the suitcase is overpacked.

Tips to Protect Your Items While Packing to Save Space

Some people ignore the possibility of damaging items when trying to save space. Here are some tips to protect your items when packing to save space.

  • Use shower caps to protect your other clothing from socks’ dirt.
  • Put a binder cap over your razor blade to protect your clothing from cutting down.
  • Try to wrap your heels and boots with soft clothes.
  • Always separate clean clothes from dirty clothes with space saver bags.
  • Clean the shoes before packing.
  • Use a container or box to protect delicate items.
  • Use any tic tac boxes or old sunglass boxes to store your hairpins.

How To Avoid Wrinkles While Packing A Suitcase

Wrinkles are common when packing your suitcase. Follow the steps below to avoid wrinkles.

  • Try rolling methods instead of folding.
  • Use a steamer after you reach the destination to solve the wrinkle problem.
  • Try a wrinkle releaser if you do not find steamer or iron.
  • Do not overpack anything.
  • Try a dryer to remove wrinkles from your clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have any questions in your mind? Go through the frequently asked questions below to get your answers.

Is it better to roll or fold clothes in a suitcase?

Rolling your clothes in a suitcase will prevent wrinkles. It will also help you save more space and organize the clothes properly. But some clothes are thicker and sophisticated that you should fold instead of rolling. That means some clothes are better for rolling, whereas some are better for folding.

What takes up more space rolling or folding?

Folding takes more space in your suitcase. Rolling is always better when it comes to organizing and saving space. But some clothes have to be folded due to the nature and construction of the clothes.

Do packing cubes really help?

Packing cubes help you pack and organize your small to large items properly. You can even save space in the compression cubes. It is also easy to unpack and pack with the packing cubes.

Wrapping Up

You should always utilize your suitcase space during the trip. It will be possible when you know how to pack a suitcase to save space. Know the right process to pack a suitcase to maximize the space and take a lot of staff with you.

Use the right suitcase, make a list of what is needed and not, and use different folding and rolling methods. Try to reduce space between clothing and other items. You can get small space saver bags, packing cubes, and other items to reduce spaces inside the suitcase.

Remember that you should not take anything unnecessary and leave anything necessary. Utilize every space and enjoy your trip.

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