How to Pack Shoes While Traveling without Ruining Them

Traveling is fun, but packing is not.

We need to pack so many things while traveling, and creating space for everything is a huge problem.

Clothes and other items can easily be packed in a bag or suitcase. The problem arises with the travel shoes. You cannot fold or bend them, yet they get deformed easily.

The solution is simple if you know how to pack shoes while traveling.

Clean your shoes first and then put socks or padding inside. Wrap each shoe with a tea bag or put them into a container to prevent reform. Make sure you place the sole on the side of your bag so that it does not make your clothes dirty.

Let’s dive into the detailed process.

Primary Preparation: 7 Things to Do

Your preparation will determine the packing quality. Take time to ensure full preparation.

1. Narrow Down the Shoe Number

You do not want to carry all of your shoes during travel. For example, if you want to stay at the beach for a couple of days, a pair of sandals and a pair of shoes will be good enough.

But you need individual options for dinner, party, or wet conditions for traveling in Paris. Know your destinations and narrow down the shoe numbers. Try to pick shoes that can be worn on multiple occasions.

2. Check Your Suitcase Size

You should consider the size of your suitcase or backpack. The size will determine how many pairs of shoes and other items you can take.

3. Make It Clean and Dry

Clean your shoes before packing. It will prevent making your clothing and other items dirty. Take a piece of cloth and wipe the dirt out. You can also use shoe cleaners to clean the shoes.

Dirty shoes tend to spread odor. A good shoe Deodorizer Spray can solve the problem easily. Dry it and spray it on the shoes to get rid of odors.

4. Add Padding

Some shoes tend to reform while packing shoes for travel with other items. To solve the problem, you can simply stuff padding inside the shoes. Stuff a pair of socks in your shoes to prevent reforming and squishing. You can also use soft padding, a t-shirt, and a belt.

5. Tie Lace to Keep Them Together

Tie the lace to keep the pair of shoes together. It will prevent the shoes from separating while moving your bag or suitcase. You do not need to do that when packing shoes separately.

6. Use A Container to Store Seasonal Shoes

Seasonal shoes like summer sneakers tend to get squished even after having padding. You can use a container to store those shoes. Simply put your shoes in a container and put the container in the bag.

7. Try Tea Bags to Keep Shoes Fresh

Your shoes can get dirt from other items when packing shoes in the suitcase. That is why try a tea bag and put your shoes inside it to protect them from dirt.

How to Pack Shoes in A Suitcase for Long Distance Travels

Pack shoes in a suitcase

Now, let’s see how to pack shoes for travel.

Soles to the Sides

The best way to pack shoes in a suitcase is to keep the soles to the sides. It works best when you have two pairs of shoes. Your bag will have enough space in the middle of the shoes for other things.

For that,

  • Lay down your suitcase and open it fully.
  • Place your shoes so their soles touch the sides of the compartment.
  • Do the same with the other shoes and keep space in the middle.

Make sure you have the best suitcase luggage for maximum space.

Heavy Shoes at the Bottom

You can also pack your shoes at the bottom. It works best when you have a roller suitcase. You will find it handy while dealing with heavy shoes. Placing heavy shoes at the top may squish your clothing or other items.

To place shoes at the bottom,

  • Open your suitcase and lay it down on the floor.
  • Lacethe shoesup and then put them in a tea or bubble bag.
  • Place the shoes at the bottom having the soles facing the bottom wall. It will be the near wheel for roller suitcases.
  • Put another pair of shoes on the top to fulfill the space.
  • You can place a t-shirt or undergarments if there is any space remaining between these two pairs.

Use Zippered Compartments for Sneakers

You can use your zippered compartments to pack your shoes. It is suitable for sneakers and sandals and not suitable for boots and bulky shoes.

To use your zippered compartment,

  • Open your suitcase and open the zipper.
  • Stuff padding into the shoes.
  • Lace the shoes up and wrap them with a plastic bag or tea bag.
  • Place them in the zippered compartment.
  • Stuff other small items such as t-shirts, money bags, or others to fill the remaining space.

How to Pack High Heels in the Suitcase

High heels are tricky to pack. They leave some gaps when packing. Their sharp edges can damage other items or the suitcase itself. The heels are also prone to break. So follow this process to pack high heels.

  • Stuff socks, padding, folded undergarments, or t-shirt to prevent them from squishing.
  • Use a plastic bag or tea bag for dirt protection.
  • Fill the bottom with your clothing before placing the heels.
  • Place the heels sideways at the bottom and above the clothing.
  • Fill the left gaps with a rolled t-shirt or other items.
  • Use soft clothing on top of the heels to protect your suitcase.

How to Pack Boots in the Suitcase

Boots are different from other shoes. They are bulky, odd-shaped, and tough to pack. You need to be extra careful while packing boots. Make sure you do not bend them if they do not fit perfectly. It will leave permanent marks and make the crease soon. To pack boots,

  • Clean the boots and wrap them up.
  • Add padding or utilize the space inside the boot for jewelry, t-shirts, and other small items.
  • Open your suitcase and lay it down.
  • Lie the boots flat against the suitcase wall.
  • Place them at the bottom to distribute the weight.
  • Put the soles against the sidewall to create an L shape for each boot.
  • Use the remaining space to fill with lightweight clothing.
  • Add a layer of clothes over the boots for additional protection.

How to Pack Flip Flops and Sandals in the Suitcase

Pack sandals in the suitcase

Flip flops and sandals are the easiest items to pack in your suitcase. These do not tend to squish so easily that allows you to pack them any way you want. To pack them,

  • Place them having the soles face outward.
  • Wrap them up with a tea bag and place them in the suitcase.
  • Use any side pockets to put them.
  • You can layer them aside on the cloth.

How to Pack Shoes in the Suitcase without Squishing Them

If you still have valuable shoes or official shoes that may get squished, you need to take precautions. For that,

  • Use more padding like socks, belts, or soft padding.
  • Try containers for better protection.
  • Use clothes around the shoes.
  • Always keep the soles against the wall.
  • Try to assemble your shoes heel to toe.
  • You can use a shoe tree for better arrangement.

How to Pack Shoes in a Backpack

You are not going to use a suitcase all the time. The backpack is easier to carry and perfect for travel. You can pack shoes smoothly in a backpack by following the guides below.

  • Clean up, add padding, and wrap them up.
  • Place them in the middle of the bag for better weight distribution.
  • Put clothes at the bottom part and top part of the bag so the shoes stay in the center.

How to Pack Shoes in a Duffel Bag

Pack shoes in a duffel bag

Duffel bags are getting more popular with travelers day by day. But you need to be smart enough to pack shoes in a duffel bag. Follow the steps below.

  • Clean, pad, and wrap the shoes.
  • Place them side-up at the bottom of the duffle bag.
  • Make sure to assemble heel to toe for the best result.
  • Place them in the middle.
  • Create a layer on the top of the shoes before zipping.

Tips for Protecting other Items in Your Suitcase

When you carry heels or hiking boots with spikes, they tend to damage other items in the bags. To protect other items from your shoes,

  • Put the shoes or heels in a thick plastic bag.
  • Add a layer on them with lightweight cloths.
  • Always keep the sole sides against the wall.
  • Clean your shoes to protect other items from dirt.
  • Spray your shoes to reduce odors.

Tips for Saving Space When Packing Shoes

You can save enough space by following the steps below.

  • Take versatile shoes that can be worn on various occasions.
  • Use vacuum bags to save more space after packing.
  • You can also use a travel vacuum pump to increase space inside your bag.
  • Try to wear the bulkiest shoes while traveling to save space.

Additional Tips for Packing Shoes while Traveling

Here are some hacks to make your packing and traveling smoother. Follow the tips below.

  • Always consider your needs for shoes. Understand where you are going and what you are going to wear there.
  • Do not take any unnecessary shoes that can increase the weight of your suitcase.
  • You can keep your valuable items inside the shoes for maximum protection and safety.
  • Take versatile shoes to narrow down the number.
  • Consider your outfit and choose the shoes accordingly.

Wrap Up

You should know how to pack shoes while traveling since you must take your shoes on the journey. Make sure to pack it properly to save maximum space inside the bag. It will help you carry more things while traveling.

Proper packing will also keep your clothes and other stuff safe and protected from damage and dirt. You need to consider the shoe types and bag types too.

Try to clean the shoes before packing so that you can keep your other items clean. Use a container if you are afraid that your shoes will be reformed. Good packing will make your travel more comfortable and help you enjoy every step wherever you go.

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