10 Best Collapsible Water Bottle for Travel

One of the essential things to notice during traveling is to keep yourself hydrated from time to time. No matter where you are or how you are moving, water is a must.

While many people carry water bottles of various sizes and shapes, having a collapsible one is a smart choice.

I have chosen some of the best collapsible water bottles for travel so that you can pick the most suitable one for yourself.

What Is a Collapsible Water Bottle and Why Do You Need It?

The problem with most of the water bottles is they are made of plastic materials and you can’t use them more than once.

Collapsible bottles, on the other hand, have the option to collapse by twisting. You can use them as long as you satisfy.

The importance of a collapsible water bottle is enormous, especially during travel. It helps you stay hydrated.

When you go for tracking, this bottle comes with a great helping hand. You can refill the bottle from every water source.

When you are not using it, you can fold and make it compact as well. It will take minimal space inside the baggage since it is highly collapsible.

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10 Best Foldable Water Bottle for Travel in 2022

Here are some of the best foldable water bottles that experts suggest buying.

1. Platypus DuoLock SoftBottle 1 Litre Collapsible Water Bottle

Being flexible and lightweight, this collapsible reusable water bottle from Platypus is a great choice for travelers especially when you are looking for a collapsible bottle for hiking, camping, or any other travel adventure.

Material and Design

This water bottle is a plastic product. It offers a dual-locking cap that won’t flip or twist suddenly and it will also prevent any leaking. When not filled with water, it remains flat and you can roll it up. It will significantly reduce the space of your backpack. The plastic materials are free from taste, BPA, BPS, and phthalate.


Weighing only 1.4 ounces, it is lightweight and easily portable anywhere with you. The handle comes with a clip gate, making it easy to attach with any strap or loop to give you a comfortable experience while carrying it.

Due to the ergonomic structure, you can hold the bottle with a good grip. The opening is wide and this is what makes cleaning and pouring water while filling easy. Three available sizes can carry 0.75, 1, and 2 liters of water respectively.

Things to Appreciate

  • Great grip
  • Dual-locking cap
  • Flat and rolling opportunity
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible attaching handle

Be Careful

  • Be careful while scalding hot water.

2. Nomader BPA Free Collapsible Water Bottle with Leak Proof Twist Cap

Nomader comes with this folding water bottle of vibrant blue color with an eye-catching design. This model is popular among travelers for its smooth use and flexibility.

Material and Design

Made with thick and premium silicone, this water bottle is sturdy, durable, and gives a flexible experience when you use it. They made it free from BPA, BPS, and lead without any rigorous plastic taste.

You can roll it up and squashes it down when it is empty. It will save much of your space inside the backpack. The body is well built to survive hot and cold water.


The twist cap design will secure the bottle from any leaking. The open mouth is wide enough to pour water. It comes with a convenient belt, and with the help of it, you can attach the bottle to your wrist and waist.

Offering easy refilling capability, this could be a suitable hydration partner for you while you are on the go. It weighs only 7.2 ounces and the capacity of 650 ml water will ensure that you are always hydrated.

Things to Appreciate

  • Durable
  • Leak-proof 
  • BPA-free
  • Wide mouth
  • Comfortable

Be Careful

  • Be careful while cleaning.

3. Vapur Solid Foldable & Flexible Water Bottle with Carabiner

You can barely call it a water bottle since its impact is more like an anti-bottle. It offers reusing, folding, attaching, and many other advantages that make this bottle very popular among travelers.

Material and Design

The very first thing to notice is, this product is free from BPA, taste, or any odd odor. It contains a super flip cap that comes with a rigid seal. This seal protects from any leakage, ensuring easy opening and closing.

The material is such that you can wash it easily and reuse it at any time. Offering durability, this is one of the best foldable water containers out there.


Weighing only 1.09 ounces, you can carry it easily anywhere without any hassle especially, at long tracking. It is capable of bearing at least 0.5 liters of water to ensure that you can be hydrated at any given time.

It offers a largemouth opening that makes it easy for entering and pouring water. You can open it only by unscrewing the cap. It also has a good grip due to its sleek design and easily suits your baggage without taking much space.

Things to Appreciate

  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Odor-free
  • Large opening

Be Careful

  • Putting excessive pressure may cause leaking.

4. Platypus DuoLock SoftBottle 2 Liter Collapsible Water Bottle

This one is another packable water bottle on my list from Platypus that has the goodwill of making taste-free and adventure-friendly water bottles. Since its launch in 2016, it has gained popularity among tourists as a hydration solution.

Material and Design

This item offers high flexibility with collapsible nature that is perfect for taking in any outing. The smooth body makes it easier to roll up and flatten without any hardship when it is empty.

It comes with a handle containing wire gate clips to provide extra security while attaching it with anything. The Duo-Lock design ensures it doesn’t leak and twist. Like my previous products, it is also free from taste, BPS, and phthalate.


You can fill water and make it empty quickly due to the large opening mouth at the top. It offers three different sizes where the largest one weighs only 3.84 ounces.

It can store 2 liters of water to ensure that you never run out of water during your travel. Due to the ergonomic design, you will have a good grip to hold it and pour water from it.

Things to Appreciate

  • High capacity
  • Highly collapsible
  • Convenient handle
  • Protect leaking
  • Wide opening mouth

Be Careful

  • Not suitable to carry in a long-range tracking.

5. joypur Collapsible Filtered Water Bottle with Filter Integrated

This 2-level water bottle will add efficiency to your hydration routine with its innovative water filter. Offering high quality and durability, it is one of the best portable water bottles for travel.

Material and Design

Joypur made this bottle extremely hygienic which provides a protective cover against leakage and dust. The silicon material of food-grade makes it flexible and durable, which also resists bad smell and heat. You can fold it according to your convenience as well.

The hollow fiber UF membrane with the capacity of 0.01-micron filtration ensures that you drink pure water every time.


The shape is smaller and the weight is lighter than other typical water bottles. And, the good news is, you can carry it around easily without any hassle. Another great advantage is, due to its extreme flexibility, you can reduce the size and keep it inside your pocket also.

Thanks to its high-quality filtration capability, you can turn water from any source pure and drinkable with this advantage. If you are looking for a perfect water bottle for an outdoor adventure, it could be the best bet.

Things to Appreciate

  • High-quality filtration
  • Protection cover
  • Super flexible
  • Multiple using places
  • Lightweight

Be Careful

  • The flow of water is not great.

6. HYDAWAY Ultra-Packable Travel-Friendly Collapsible Water Bottle

Hydaway comes with this uniquely designed water bottle to help travelers stay hydrated. This one is quite popular among travelers, as it offers the best of features one would be looking for from a travel water bottle. You can give it a try if you want to add a new dimension to your travel accessories.

Material and Design

The design is ultra-compact and you can collapse it down to even an inch to fit inside your pocket. Coming with a blend of premium food-grade silicone and BPA-free material, this water bottle is durable and long-lasting.

It also offers watertight seals to prevent any possible leaking, ensuring you a comfortable using experience all the way.


Weighing 7.2 ounces, it is easily portable. And as I have already mentioned, due to its ultra-compact capacity, you can carry it even inside your pocket. A wide-mouth opening ensures easy refilling of water and you can clean it without much hassle.

It has the capacity of storing 750 ml of water and that is suitable for any mid-range hiking or adventure. Any ideal-sized vehicle cup holder will fit the shape.

Things to Appreciate

  • Collapsible
  • Lightweight
  • BPA-free material
  • Durable
  • Good grip

Be Careful

  • Do not put excessive pressure while collapsing.

7. que Bottle Lightweight Leak Proof Collapsible Water Bottle

This model is another expandable water bottle with a unique design and color. Whether you go for traveling, hiking, camping, fishing, or any outdoor activities, this could be your ideal water bottle easily. Taking such a product means you will have the essential travel gear with you to be hydrated according to your need.

Material and Design

Having a blend of stainless steel and premium silicone, this water bottle is at the same time sustainable, collapsible, and fashionable too. You can reuse the bottle every time which means less dependency on plastic materials.

The design is such that with light pressure, it will compact into a small cube. While not using, it will take minimal space inside your baggage and will easily fit into it. Being 100% plastic-free, it also gives a nice look for the spiral-ridge design.


Like the previous models, it also has a large mouth opening that makes it easy to put in ice cubes. Due to the premium silicon presence, cold or hot liquids are saved as they are even after extreme temperatures. Being dishwasher safe, you can easily clean it compared to most of the water bottles out there.

Weighing 7.7 ounces, it is also portable and can be a great travel partner.

Things to Appreciate

  • Unique design
  • Collapsible
  • Environment-friendly material
  • Suitable for extreme temperature
  • Portable

Be Careful

  • No attached handle for carrying.

8. Nalgene Wide Mouth Cantene

Nalgene produces this splendid wide mouth collapsible water bottle that is durable and popular among the users for its quality and service. It could be the go-to-go water bottle within the affordability range for you while traveling.

Material and Design

Result of multilayered polyethylene material, this water bottle is sturdy and durable. On the other hand, it is flexible, smooth, and soft to roll up and fold easily.

It offers an excellent leak-proof system and the cap at the top provides versatility. This bottle has the capacity to withstand temperatures between -20 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.


It has a large mouth opening that is enough for any medium piece of an ice cube. It also provides smooth cleaning opportunities. The design is suitable for various water filters.

It is super lightweight and can contain water up to 3 pounds. Taking this water bottle with you means you are never short of water during your travel.

Things to Appreciate

  • Good quality
  • Easy-rolling
  • Temperature proof
  • Wide mouth opening
  • Versatility

Be Careful

  • Do not put excessive pressure.

9. SPECIAL MADE 2 Pack Reusable Collapsible Travel Water Bottles

If you are tired of carrying bulky water bottles during traveling, no more worries. Special Made comes with this portable water bottle to take your traveling journey to the next level.

Material and Design

This bottle is a mixture of polyethylene and silicon materials which make it BPA-free and tasteless. It also passes the standard of LFGB, SGS, and FDA certification without any PVC, phthalate, and plastic smell. Being environment-friendly, this bottle is hygienic and even children can use it.

It comes with a screw cap sealing that prevents any splash or leakage and also from opening up suddenly. The inside material is also heat and cold resistant whereas it can withstand temperatures between -50 to 200 degrees Celsius.


The mouth design at the top is large and wide, ensuring easy transfer of liquid and also convenient cleaning. It remains intact even if you press or collapse the body. You can fold the whole bottle when it is empty and carry it with you.

The design and structure are suitable for use on different occasions like- any outdoor adventure. An ergonomic shape gives a good grip to hold it comfortably anytime.

Things to Appreciate

  • Lightweight
  • Hygienic
  • Temperature resistant
  • Leak prevention
  • Wide mouth opening

Be Careful

  • Do not exceed the temperature beyond 158 degrees Celsius.

10. ONTA Silicone Leak-Proof Foldable Collapsible Water Bottle for Travel

I came down to the final product of my list and guess what, it’s not the least expected one anyway. Offering quality, durability, and top-class service, it is one of the best flexible water bottles you will find online. The design, structure, and color altogether make it a good travel accessory.

Material and Design

Made with premium silicon of 100% food-grade, it is health-friendly without causing any harm and potential risk. Anything between -50 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius temperature is okay to use here.

The design is compact and sturdy which makes the bottle shatter-resistant and perfect to take with you while doing exercise or any outdoor adventure.


This bottle is super collapsible and you can fold it to a more compact size. Weighing only 7.2 ounces, it has the capacity of storing 1.3 pounds of water.

The secure seal will ensure no spilling of water when you keep it inside your baggage. It provides a good grip to hold it anytime comfortably.

Things to Appreciate

  • Splendid design
  • Health-friendly
  • No leaking
  • Collapsible
  • Easy cleaning

Be Careful

  • No long strap to carry.

What to Look for Before Buying a Collapsible Water Bottle?

Collapsible Water Bottle for Traveler

There are some important things you must look at before buying a collapsible water bottle.

Build Material

The build material of a bottle is crucial. Most of the bottles are either made of plastic, steel, silicone, or a blend of these materials. Checking whether it is BPA-free or not is also very important. You also need to see the design since usability varies from man to man. And don’t forget to check whether it is comfortable for you or not.


Maintaining hygiene is equally important alongside building material. Most of the collapsible water bottles are dishwasher safe. Choose something that has a big mouth opening. It will help you with easy scrubbing and cleaning. The easier your bottle is to clean the higher chances are there to maintain standard hygiene.

Capacity and Weight

Storing capacity and weight are two of the crucial factors of a water bottle. Know your routines and potential routes to cover. You will have an idea of the amount of water you need. Based on the requirement, it will vary.

Checking the weight is also important since your primary target is to take the lowest weight possible. Choose something that will take less space and provide more water.

Using Flexibility

These bottles come in different designs and they vary from brand to brand. See the user manual with the procedure and choose which one is easy to use, carry, and attach.

FAQs about Collapsible Water Bottle

Are these bottles eco-friendly?

You can use these bottles multiple times and they reduce the use of plastics. Most of them are eco-friendly.

Are they safe for health?

All the products mentioned above are BPA and BPS-free and avoid phthalates also. They prevent harmful chemicals and materials which make them safe for your health.

How to wash a collapsible water bottle?

Collapsible water bottles are needed to wash on a regular basis. Most of them are dishwasher safe. In the absence, you can complete the task with hot sophy water or a brush or a cloth.

How to dry a collapsible water bottle?

After washing the collapsible water bottle, you can simply leave it there upside down and make the air dry.

Final Words

I made a comprehensive discussion on the best collapsible water bottle for travel. Being an essential travel gear, you should be cautious while choosing such a water bottle.

I believe my recommendation from the above list will help you choose the perfect water bottle.

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