How To Make Roof Top Tent More Comfortable

Often people want to make their rooftop tent more comfortable. It is a good idea both for a new camper or an experienced one. Though the rooftop tent is off the ground, it might not be comfortable for everyone.

If you are part of the same team and want to make your rooftop tent a more enjoyable and comfortable place, you should follow certain guidelines. In this article, I will share with you how to make a rooftop tent more comfortable with some excellent tips. I hope you stick around to the end.

5 Amazing Ways To Make A Roof Top Tent More Comfortable

The following are some simple steps you can take to improve the comfort of your roof top tent. Here are the instructions:

1. Add A New Mattress

In maximum time, you may get a very thin and simple mattress with your roof top tent. It might not provide you with good breathability. These matters are vital for both health and comfort.

Since sleep is a very crucial factor and a snug mattress can improve your sleeping quality. Therefore, you can add a new mattress into your rooftop tent which is durable and comfortable. Overlander roof top tent mattress might be a good choice though it is a bit costly. Overlander RTT mattress is still preferred by experts, even if you have to spend extra money on it. It will be more comfortable than a thin one.

If you want to feel that you are sleeping at home though you might be in a deep forest you can purchase an Ikamper brand’s rooftop tent. This will provide you with an excellent mattress. You can get a comfortable king-size mattress.

And Ikamper tents are lightweight too. It will be helpful for you to lift your tent on the vehicle. Though you will see that Ikamper brand’s rooftop tents are costly, it may be worth purchasing Ikamper’s tent because you do not need to purchase extra gear.

2. Add Condensation Mat And Cooling Sheets

In the rooftop tent, condensation might be annoying for you. It might be a problem for you if the inside of your rooftop tent is always soggy or wet when you awake. A condensation mat can help prevent this.

A condensation mat absorbs or soaks the condensation when sleeping generating a further breathable ambiance which finally improves the sleeping quality. Moreover, lower condensation will be better for your tent quality and it helps to enhance durability.

Let me share a tip for the roof top tent. It is that you can prevent over condensation by leaving at least one of your tent’s windows open. It will be sufficient for the fresh air to elapse through your tent. Though fresh air alone can not prevent condensation, experts have recommended it even your tent’s outside is cold. It will help you to stay cool in your roof top tent as well as increase the sleeping cycle. Make sure that your window’s mosquito net is on.

Cooling sheets can also help you to prevent condensation and keep the sleeping ambiance fresh. For quality sleep, you can use a high-quality sheet. The bamboo sheet is very soft, breathable, and anti sweating. Thus, you can stay cool in your roof top tent.

3. Add Lightings Inside the Roof Top Tent

You might miss your home’s nice lighting system when you are sleeping in your rooftop tent in the deepest forest. Or, you may want to read a book of war or other thrilling ones at night. However, you can easily set your preferred lighting in your roof top tent. It’s also necessary because you don’t use a flashlight all the time, right?

There are many scopes of creating a lighting system inside of your rooftop tent depending on the type of rooftop tent you are using. For a few tents, you may connect a simple light strip towards the inside of your tent poles and you may hang a little light in your tent’s roof. So, choose your favorite one for your rooftop tent.

People generally travel or stay at the campsite for peaceful sleeping or for stargazing, or for waking up by the rising of the sun. You will see many rooftop tents that come with different kinds of windows. With these windows, you can create innate or natural light in your tent. Also, you will see that some tents have roof windows. That can also help you to see the stars at night.

4. Add A Hot Water Bottle

Despite what you might think, experts warn that tents can be quite cold in the winter season or even during the night of summer and spring. In addition, there is no standard heating system and it may be difficult to install a heater.

It’s my pleasure to offer you a simple solution. Bring a comfortable and warm duvet with you if you want to keep warm in the tent at night. Using a hot water bottle is also recommended if you feel too cold. You can leave it on your bed to ge extra warmth when you are sleeping. It will help you to stay warm in your roof top tent.

If you put a warm water bottle in your tent 30-40 minutes before sleeping it will be enough for you to keep your mattress warm. Remember, you have to use warm water instead of boiling water because it is related to safety issues.

A hot water bottle is ultimately responsible for extra condensation. However, you can avoid it by opening your window rarely. Fresh air will be essential for your comfortable sleep. You can also use a collapsible water bottle for saving space.

5. A Camping Blanket

Sleeping bags are not generally used at home, am I right?

But I am acknowledging that sleeping bags have some extra advantages during camping. The sleeping bag is usually restrictive, but if you prefer something that is more comfortable, you can bring a camping blanket along with you. It will add a new dimension to your arrangement.

You can choose a puffy camping blanket for your roof top tent. It is filled with synthetic fiber or down feathers which are specifically made for rimy or cold weather. So, for more comfortable camping, take a blanket with you. Another excellent way is using a pad sleeve. It can be used for insulation.

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Travelling and camping are the enjoyments of human life or some special moments of one’s life. Passing these moments safely and securely is required. When you change a place and come outside of your home and stay a few days camping, you need a pleasant and comfortable shelter. So, follow our above instructions where I have discussed how to make a rooftop tent more comfortable and added five excellent tips. Happy camping!

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