How To Set Up A Roof Top Tent? – Step by Step Guide

Driving remote places, such as natural locations, are desirable for most people. It’s really the happiest moment in life when one stays at different natural locations away from home for a few days. But often changing locations and carrying your tent might be a problem for you if you don’t take a rooftop tent with you for your camping.

A rooftop tent will offer you many direction choices than a conventional tent. A rooftop tent ascends over your vehicle, therefore you can carry and set up it easily. As well as ensuring your safety, it will also enable you to sleep well.

However, many people don’t know how to set up a roof top tent. You will benefit from reading this writing if you fall into one of these categories.

How Can You Set Up Your Roof Top Tent?

Pre-installation steps-

First Step: A Smooth Place

The first thing you need to do is to choose a smooth working environment. Once you get a fragile surface or ground, you will understand the benefit of choosing a region like this. It will help you to set up your tent.

Under your tent ground, put your tent down by the side repulsing upwards. You have to crop off the rubber bugs- there are four bugs. There is a shielding plastic that is used to cover the tent. Peel off it from your tent base.

In order to open the tent, remove the velcro- all four, releasing the straps. It must be sufficiently opened to allow entry of the blanket, ladder, strut rails, and induction equipment. Set up these inside your tent.

Second Step: Put In The Thule Tepui Annex RTT Over The Transportation

You may know about Thule Tepui Annex, a well-known RTT. It can be placed in, over the transportation for opening either side or towards the back. This may imply which manner you can fit these brace rails towards your tent ground.

These brace rails will be functioning at the roof bar right corners over the transportation. If you expect that the elevated poles might be ascended over the tent hinge then curtail it. For doing this, you need to spot these braces. It should be in the approach or direction by the brace gaps of the tent floor.

Now, you have to curve both pole tier expires points. Imprint these with the tent’s bracket and cut towards height.

Third Step: Glide Then Connect, Then Rely Or Confide

Now, you have to glide two nuts of 6mm nylon among elevating poles as well as these need to be aligned among ascending holes. Put the holes of the brace below the accommodations. Then plop the bolts of m6 bolts×40mm. And flat the washers to the middle.

You have to connect these brace rails to the bottom of the tent. For that, you need to use the m6 one therefore fasten absolutely.

Make sure that the brace rails edges are utilizing or exploiting the self-drilling bolts. These are given or conferred through the previously drilled gaps.

For the bungee wire, you have to connect wires into previously drilled gaps exploiting self-drilling bolts given. Depending on the poles’ orientation, some wires may not be coerced or forced.

Fourth Step: Connect Then Bind Your Ladders

Now, you need to turn over your tent. In the next step, remove the rubber bugs from the ascending gaps of a ladder. Connect the racks of the ladder utilizing nylon wackos, washer, and m6 bolts.

Using the nylon nuts, smooth washers, and m6 bolts, bind or pebble the ladder within the racks. And place plastic spacers within the brackets and chargers of the ladder.

You have to strut the tent above its angle. Smoothly slide the m8×55mm four pins. After that, increase coverings within the rails of each underpinning as well as initiate lids and plastic.

Here I have mentioned the steps of pre-installation. Now, follow the steps to set up your RTT.

First Step: Unlock Then Untie Then Unzip

On the commence to set up your RTT, you have to unlock the conserving steps. Then untie all wire of bungees, that you have tied previously, from your tent root.

Unlock the steps of opening as well as unzip the layer of your tent. You must maintain these not for snapping the materials of the tent in zipping.

Second Step: Peel Off The Cover As Well As Untie Securing Belts

In this step, peel off the cover of your tent. And untie securing belts, both of the belts. Bend the locking belts of the two ladders in a counterclockwise way. Because these require root pressure for confronting them within the locket posing.

Now, glide out the ladder until the pins of the locking lock ladder are within the spot. When you are pulling the ladder verge down, you need to walk behind aloof from your carrier to enable your tent to open.

Remember that, the ladder verge needs to reach the ground or surface.

Third Step: Slide Then Immerse The Aid Shafts

You will see there is an Aid bow below the ladder. Now, peel off it from below the ladder. After that, uphold the tent space as well as lift outer bends. The bow should be lifted aloof from your tent. You have to set edges within bulge brackets over the tent base nooks.

Though it is a self-supporting tent, I suggest utilizing ropes and hooks in any stormy conditions.

Engage or immerse the two Aid shafts which are long, through visions in canvas within assistance holes within the root of aluminum.

Fourth Step

There are bungee cords inside of your tent, take off these from your tent. Remember that, when you want to pick up your rooftop tent then these pretty bungee cords can be refitted.

Welcome! in this point you set up your roof top tent.

You Can Install An RTT By Yourself!

To install a rooftop tent on your own follow our below instructions:


You will be surprised to know about the hoist. It is the easiest and fastest method. It can be used to mount your rooftop tent as well as it can bear the roof’s weight. You can load and lift the value safely by the hoist. Basically, it operates like an elevator or pulley system.

Now Let’s See the Process of Installing Roof Top Tent By Yourself:

First Step: Position it correctly

Check the roof’s position first before using the hoist. Then pull your tent below the lift. Lastly, wrap your strap hinge securely and heavily.

Second Step: lift Your Tent For Sufficient Space

Lift your tent after securely setting the straps. You have to lift your tent as much it is possible so that there is sufficient space for your vehicle.

Third Step: Position Your Vehicle

In this step, you ought to have done your task carefully. Make sure the weight of your tent isn’t too little or too much. Check this before positioning your vehicle below the tent.

Fourth Step: Keep Lower And Secure The Tent

In this step, you are going to install your RTT. Keep down & secure your tent. Then connect the tent towards the mounting parts or components.


You might have dreams to stay in the natural ambiance for a few days or weeks, for that, you have to know installing of a rooftop tent by yourself. Read by heart our above instructions, if you want to understand how to set up a rooftop tent from this article, you can get this advantage across your lifetime.

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