Do You Have to Wear A Mask on International Flights?

If someone asks you ‘Do you have to wear a mask on an international flight?, what will be your answer? Think about it carefully depending on the world’s recent condition.

The answer will definitely be ‘YES’. Your health is more important to you, we know, and for staying healthy and strong, your mask game has to be on point!

By that, I mean the mask is obligatory for people right now to be in their soundest health, whether you’re walking on the road or flying on an international flight.

But why they are actually necessary, what type of mask you should really wear, how to wear them perfectly, how to remove them carefully, and for how long you need to wear them are the main concerns of this write-up.

Let’s give you some useful information since you’re on this page thus to save you from unwanted sickness, shall we?

Airport Rules for Wearing Face Mask

A passenger wear a mask on airplane

Many of you are interested in knowing the rules of airports or airlines for wearing face masks. Let’s introduce you to some of them!

Passengers Are Required to Wear Masks

Well, most of the passengers (explaining later why not everyone) need to wear masks on international flights. They can only temporarily remove it while drinking, eating, or taking medicines!

Cabin crews are also recommended to follow the same rules.

Vaccinated People Still Need Masks

It doesn’t matter if you’re fully vaccinated or not while you’re traveling, you must wear the face shield properly.

Do You Have to Wear A Mask At the Airport?

Not only on the plane, but you also have to wear your mask once you enter the airport. Even better if you always wear them.

Similar like this, if you want to know that if there’s any chance you can bring disinfectant wipes for your travelling period [can you bring disinfectant wipes on a plane], go for Solimo Disinfecting Wipes for extra protection!

Exceptions for Children

There are some exceptions for children under the age of six. They don’t necessarily need to wear masks.

People with Medical Conditions Can Skip It

If you can’t wear a mask for your breathing problems or due to other medical conditions, you can skip the mask part. But you need to provide all the proof which you need to show the authority.

On the other hand, for medical purposes you might need to carry ice or ice packs on plane [can you bring ice packs on a plane] for additional heath security!

However, the rules are different in different airlines!

Not All Masks Are Permitted

Some of the airlines like Lufthansa, Air France and Finnair don’t permit masks made of cloth/fabric at all. The universally accepted ones are surgical-grade FFP1 single-used ones. To avoid any hassles, you can try to wear them.

Types of Masks You Can Wear on International Flights

As time passes, people are trying to be more trendy and fashionable with their mask choices too. With the surgical ones, they’re trying to wear different types of masks now matched with their outfits and personality. They include:

  • Homemade/Reusable cloth
  • N95 without the respirator valve
  • FFP1 or FFP2
  • Sponge Mask

We’re not saying you can wear all of them every time as different airlines have different preferences, so always check out the latest notices of the airline and choose your mask type depending on that!

Do You have to Wear Mask on International Flights and Why Is It Necessary?

Yes, you have to wear masks on international flights. There’re actually so many reasons for wearing masks on flights. Not only for this Covid situation (it’s important too), but the world back in Covid-free time too needed the masks on planes. For example:

  • You have to meet various types of people on international flights. The mask actually helps you not to catch any unwanted flu or viruses, which can be harmful in the long run.
  • Some people so smell sensitive that they can’t smell perfumes or other smells from random people. In these cases, a mask always comes handy.
  • And the essential point is the Covid-19 one. To save yourself from the coronavirus, the one and only solution is a face mask. And as you’ll meet different people flying with you, it’s essential to put on a mask in the right way.

What Are the Right Ways to Put on a Mask?

As I mentioned earlier about the right way to put on a mask, you may find it interesting too. The correct way to put on a mask can save you from all the hassles you’re trying to avoid. Hence, before traveling on a flight, wear them properly.

  • Before touching the mask, always wash your hands with soap or sanitize them if you’re outside
  • After removing your mask from the box, make sure it doesn’t have any type of holes or tears on it
  • Determine the front and backside of your mask so you can properly wear it
  • Face masks with the ear loops should be worn by putting the loops around your each ear
  • Again, masks with ties require placing it over the head for securing with the tie
  • There’re masks with bands too. Hold the face mask to the nose and pull its top strap over your head crown. Now, pull the bottom strap of it over your head. This way, the mask will stay on the nape of the neck
  • Pull your mask over your chin and mouth!

Tips and Tricks for Keeping the Mask Safe

It’s always better to follow some tricks to keep your mask safe. You have to put on and take them off carefully to avoid getting sick on your international journey!

For example:

  • Don’t ever touch the mask whole whenever you’re putting it on or taking it off. Touch the ear loops only!
  • Avoid touching your nose and face while wearing your face shield
  • Never keep the mask under your nose. Some people tend to keep their mouth covered while the nose remains open. This won’t help you get rid of the Covid situation.
  • If possible, wear some goggles too
  • After taking off your mask, keep it in fresh tissue or a paper towel
  • If it’s not a surgical one, then try to wash them every day and heat them with the drier. The heat will add extra disinfection to your mask!
  • And for surgical one, change it every day after 1 use.

When Will Airline Mask Mandate End?

To reduce the spread of recent coronavirus, the airport and airlines require travelers to wear their masks correctly. The death rate is still increasing in the U.S, so last August 2021, TSA (Transportation Security Administration) extended the mask requirement until March 18, 2022.

Till then, on any international or domestic airline, you have to wear your face mask!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refuse to wear a mask on a plane?

No, you can’t unless you have some serious health conditions. People who have asthma, breathing difficulty, or other health issues can skip this part. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to board a plane without a face mask.

Which airline doesn’t require masks?

Well, almost every airline requires a mask except Southwest Airlines. The CEO of the airline Gary Kelly said that flight cabins are clean enough; thus, the masks are not really needed. Plus, he said that the mask doesn’t really hold any extra protection to the passengers!

Do you still have to wear a mask if you’re vaccinated?

Of course, the order is for every person who wants to travel to wear a mask at all times, including the fully vaccinated people. So, it’s better to use one if you’re traveling.

What is the penalty for not wearing a mask on a plane?

If you don’t follow the rules of wearing a mask, there will be penalties for sure. For example, the 1st offenders will be fined $500-$1000, and for the 2nd offenders, it’ll be $1000-$3000.

The Bottom Line

Now if someone asks you, “do you have to wear a mask on an international flight?”, what will be your answer? This time I think you’ll answer positively after reading all the necessary information about masks.

If you want to be healthy and want to keep your family out of danger too, the importance of a mask is too much.

However, try to purchase one with good layers and breathability options. All the best!

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