Ozark Vs Coleman Tents – Which Brand Is Perfect for You?

To make a camping trip fully enjoyable, you have to get a few things perfect. One of these things is your tent. When you are out in the woods, the tent is the only place that will offer you shelter. So, choosing the right tent is a must.

Two of the most popular and most used brands of tents are Ozark and Coleman. Although both of them are very good, they come with their unique characteristics and disadvantages which make people choose between them. And that’s how the debate of Ozark vs Coleman tents has arisen in the online forums.

Let us take a look at a comparison between various aspects of both Ozark and Coleman tents so that you can choose one for yourself.

Difference Between Ozark And Coleman Tent

As we go deeper into the Ozark trail vs Coleman instant tent debate, we will get to know about the different characteristics of both the tents, what they specialize in, their pros as well as the cons of these tents. Because without knowing every important aspect, you can’t possibly choose a tent for your much-anticipated camping trip.

Ozark Trail Tents

Often, experts have to face the question, ”Are Ozark tents any good?” The short answer is, yes, they are. But you aren’t here for the short answer, are you?

Ozark trail tents specialize in providing shelters for a group of multiple people. The number can be anywhere up to 12. The best of their tents start at a capacity of 6 and then go all the way to double that number. Other Ozark tents can hold smaller numbers of people, but the smaller Ozark tents come nowhere close to the quality that the larger, family-sized tents provide.

As these tents are family-sized, they are more durable, rugged, wind-resistant as well as waterproof to provide a perfect outing for a large number of people.

Also, you will be able to set this tent up in seconds due to its easy to assemble design.

Pros and Cons of Ozark Trail Tents

Ozark trail tents have a lot of advantages as well some distinct disadvantages. Let’s take a look at them.

Pros :

  • These tents are of very high quality and are extremely durable.
  • The waterproofing ability of these waterproof tents is top-notch.
  • Tents are very well ventilated, meaning during rain it won’t result in precipitation.
  • 9 out of 10 of the Ozark trail tents are well resistant to wind. As a result, if a storm comes in during the trip, you won’t need to be worried.
  • The tents are very much within the reasonable price range.
  • Most of the Ozark tents, especially the large ones, are very easy and quick to set up.
  • Since the tents are made for about a dozen people, they have a lot of space inside them.

Cons :

  • Ozark trail tents don’t have a lot of options, giving campers very few to choose from.
  • The smaller Ozark trail tents are not very good.
  • If the tents are manufactured in China, they can leak sometimes.
  • You can’t use them if the weather is snowy.
  • Peg loops have a questionable build.

Coleman Instant Tents

Coleman tents are around for quite a long time and specialize in both large and small tents. As a result, the number of options they provide is huge in numbers, which helps the campers to no end.

The Coleman Instant tents are durable, sturdy, versatile as well as weather resistant. One big advantage of these tents is that you also go on a camping trip in snowy conditions.

Not only the physical aspects of the tent are good, but they are also pretty reasonable as well. So, while using Coleman tents, you will get a lot of options with an affordable price range.

Pros and Cons of Coleman Instant Tents

Like every other thing around us, Coleman Instant tents have their share of pros and cons. It is up to you to look at them and choose whether you want to use this brand.

Pros :

  • Coleman tents are very budget-friendly.
  • Campers are afforded a lot of options to choose from.
  • The tents are very durable and rugged.
  • They don’t suffer from leakages due to being waterproof.
  • As the name suggests, they can be set up almost instantly.
  • Coleman tents come with a warranty for a limited time.
  • All the tents are properly ventilated.
  • Suitable for snowy weather.

Cons :

  • The Coleman tents’ quality fluctuates from being exceptionally good to extremely bad.
  • Compared to the number of people, these tents don’t provide enough space.
  • Family cabins’ performance isn’t that good.
  • Smaller tents are susceptible to being lousy.
  • Although they provide a warranty, Coleman doesn’t answer the users’ warranty claims.

Final Words

After carefully going through the above comparative analysis of Ozark vs Coleman tents, I would advise you to choose Ozark trail tents if you are looking for a spacious tent. But if your wish is to go camping in snowy weather, you have to choose Coleman Instant tents.

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