Are Lumbar Pillows Good for Your Back?

Around 60-70% of people in industrialized countries suffer from back pain in their lifetime.

An unhealthy sitting position is the main reason for this problem.

Some experts suggest using a lumbar pillow to get support for your back.

But are lumbar pillows good for your back? Does lumbar pillow help lower back pain?

People spend a long time sitting and working in offices, gaming chairs, or computer desks. Now the situation is worse due to online classes, work from home, and leisure time.

A good lumbar pillow provides good support on your back and ensures a healthier sitting position. Your spine aligns in a straight position from neck to hip. A support pillow made of memory foam also distributes the weight evenly.

Once you achieve a healthier sitting posture, it reduces muscle fatigues and back pain. You can also enjoy comfort and breathability from a good lumbar pillow. Make sure to pick the right lumbar pillow for your back.

Are Lumbar Pillows Good for Your Back

A chair with lumbar pillow

You can get many benefits from a lumbar pillow. Here are some main benefits.

Decrease Muscle Fatigue

Muscle fatigue leads to an unhealthy body posture that causes back pain. A lumbar pillow can decrease muscle fatigue and help you get rid of back pain. You can achieve an ergonomic body posture to soothe your pain with a back pillow.

Ensure Good Body Posture

Your neck and back condition highly depend on the body posture. An unhealthy posture leads to strain and tension that ultimately develop neck and back pain.

Good body posture keeps your backbone in a straight line. It also improves the sitting appearance. To achieve a good and healthy body posture, a lumbar pillow works perfectly.

Ease Neck and Back Pain

Neck and back pain often happen due to a long time sitting in a chair. It gets worse over time if you do not cure the problem or change your lifestyle.

You might be able to change your lifestyle due to work pressure or work style. But you can change your sitting style and make it ergonomic and healthy.

A good cushioned lumbar pillow supports your curvature and keeps your spine straight. This support reduces the strain and tension and helps you get rid of neck and back pain.

Improve Blood Circulation

Your muscle gets tight and stiff when you sit for a long time. This can affect your blood circulation as well as your sleep.

Make sure to take a break and do physical activities to get rid of these problems. A lumbar pillow can help too. It helps distribute the weight evenly that promotes blood circulation.

Improved blood circulation helps reduce muscle stiffness, fatigue, and cramping. It even leads to lessening back and neck pain.

Provide Comfort

You always want to seat on a comfortable seat. But that is not possible all the time. When you work for a long time, the seat becomes uncomfortable.

It leads to poor posture, uncomfortable experience, back pain, and weight gain. You should take a break regularly and use a comfortable lumbar pillow.

You will be surprised by how comfortable a small lumbar pillow can be. Make sure to invest in a quality lumbar pillow.

Reduce Sciatica Pain

Sciatica pain is common among people who work a long time on a desk or chair. Your sciatica nerve is situated in the lower back and legs.

Pressure on the sciatica nerve is another reason for back and sciatica pain. When you sit at the desk for a long time, it creates pressure on the nerve and leads to pain.

A lumbar pillow can help you ease the pain. Make sure you drink enough fluid, do regular exercise, and take regular breaks as well to get the result.

Relieve Stress

There is nothing worse than back pain. You cannot focus on your work when you have back or neck pain. It creates pressure in your mind that ultimately leads to stress. You will gain more stress when you think more about it.

The best things you can do are to consult your doctor, do regular exercise, and take proper back support. A lumbar pillow works best to support your back.

It makes the sitting more comfortable, absorbs weight, and reduces strain on your nerve, shoulder, and back. You can get rid of stress quickly.

Help You Enjoy Your Travel

Long journey often creates problem for many people. You need to sit on the chair or seat for a long time. A simple lumbar pillow can deliver you the comfort you are looking for. It is even a perfect solution to ensure comfort in bus, train, or flight.

You can easily carry it since it is portable and lightweight. It does not take much space in your travel bag.

It also delivers a familiar environment in an unknown place. Your back or lower pain may get worse when sleeping or sitting in an unfamiliar place.

Let You Work for A Long Time at The Desk

You may need to work for a long time in the desk yet afraid of having back, lower, or neck pain. A lumbar pillow can offer you the solution.

It makes the sitting more comfortable. You can work for a long time with a good and healthier body posture. It helps you stay away from neck, shoulder, or back pain yet provides support to work for a long time.

Prevent Any Future Damages

You must achieve a good body posture with a comfortable sitting to avoid back pain. A good lumbar pillow with a good chair can help you achieve good body posture. It helps you avoid any future back pain.

But you need to pick the right lumbar pillow and use it properly.

How to Use A Lumbar Pillow for Your Back

Without proper use, you will not get the benefits you are looking for. You should know where should a lumbar pillow be placed, or the correct way to use a lumbar support pillow. Here are some tips for you.

  • Try to purchase more than one pillow for different places – one for desk, one for home use, one for travel, and so on.
  • Place the pillow vertically between the top of your hips and your shoulder blades to get better support.
  • Make sure you get enough support when sitting on the chair.
  • Try to achieve an ergonomic position having the spine straight.
  • Strap the pillow if necessary, to achieve a good and healthier posture.

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Tips to Get Rid of Back and Neck Pain

You should follow the steps below to get rid of back, lower, and neck pain.

  • Do not sit for a long time. Take regular breaks and go for a walk for 5 minutes in the break.
  • Do regular exercise since it will help you stay in good shape.
  • Try to lose weight if you are overweight.
  • Always ensure a good and healthy body posture.
  • Try to get a good lumbar support pillow and ergonomic chair for even weight distribution.
  • Keep your spine and head straight.
  • Stay in a good shape when you sleep.
  • Apply heat or ice when you experience any pain.
  • Consult your doctor immediately if the pain is severe.
  • Try massaging therapy.
  • Reduce stress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions to ask? Then follow the below question-answer section.

How thick should a lumbar pillow be?

A lumbar pillow should be thick enough to provide comfort and support to your back. 4 inches wide in the middle is good enough. A thinner support pillow might cause pain in your back.

Should I sleep with a lumbar pillow?

You can sleep with a lumbar pillow. Simply place it under your head while sleeping. You can use it under the knee for a comfortable situation.

How should a lumbar pillow be placed in bed?

Place your lumbar pillow between your neck and mattress if you sleep on your back. You can place it anywhere you want to ensure a comfortable and ergonomic position. But do not put it under your shoulder.


So, are lumbar pillows good for your back?

Well, a good lumbar support pillow can provide superior support on your back. You can achieve a healthier body posture that will reduce strain on your tissue and muscles. It will also help you keep your spine straight.

Your blood circulation will be improved and the muscles stiffness will get decreased. It will ultimately reduce your neck, lower back, and back pain.

This pillow even delivers additional comfort while sitting. You can work for a long time without experiencing pain and fatigue. Make sure you pick the right pillow to get the best result. Also, do regular exercise; take regular breaks while working for a long time, and take proper diet. Consult your doctor if necessary.

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