6 Best Denture Travel Case in 2023

Taking care of dentures while traveling is something we often forget.

It becomes a hassling task to take proper care, leading to an unhygienic set of dentures. We don’t want that now, do we?

I have picked some denture cases I found best for traveling. Take a look and see which one fits your best denture travel case preferences.

Why are Denture Travel Cases Important?

Traveling involves a lot of tasks that we do not accomplish on a regular basis. If you have dentures, being extra careful is necessary before boarding your transport. In this case, a well-built portable denture case is the solution.

The case will keep your dentures safe from germs and other outer substances. Also, these cases make taking care of dentures easier while you are on the go. Soaking and cleaning your denture properly every day cannot be overlooked. Thus, it is best to go for a travel-friendly denture case to avoid any potential damage.

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Top 6 Best Denture Travel Case

1. Ocircle Cups Bath Container with Basket Denture Case

In search of a quality denture brush travel case, this is an ideal option. This case comes with a basket and a brush to keep your dentures clean and dry.

To store the brush, a nice and ergonomically designed brush box is also provided with the package. Reviewed by its numerous users, it is a denture case package that adds value to the bucks spent.

Material: It is made from quality PP material. The set is durable and sturdy with a fine finishing on the exterior. The brush and its box are also made from PP material and designed ergonomically. Its nylon bristles clean the dentures precisely.

Case Specification: The blue and white case measures 3.27×2.99×3.03 inches in size and weighs around 3oz. With the case, comes a rinsing basket and a toothbrush with a separate box.

Multipurpose Use: You can use this case for other purposes as well. Like storing pacifiers, mouth and night guards, gum shields, and other necessary stuff.

Cleaning and Carrying: This case is made highly durable and prevents leaking. You can carry this case anywhere you go without spilling a drop of the solution inside. Its brush also makes cleaning it easier and comfortable thanks to its quality build.

Things I Love:

  • Small and Ergonomic
  • Leak and wear-proof
  • Multipurpose usability
  • Non-toxic
  • Unique design and durable

Be Careful:

  • Bit expensive.

2. Platonee Denture Case Kit with 2 Toothbrush & 2 Portable Box

The next denture case is from Platonee. It is a perfect case for traveling long distance or gifting it to your loved ones. As it is built with quality materials, you can rely on it to work for years ahead.

It is a complete package including a denture case with filter, 2 brushes, and 2 brush boxes. Moreover, you can carry it with you wherever you go without any inconvenience.

Material: Made with medical standard PP material, this denture case kit is resistant to temperature or any wear and tear. The filter inside the box makes the drying of the dentures easier without spilling liquid out. Its seal makes sure the solution is secured and the dust and germs stay away.

Case Specification: The kit comes with a big-sized denture box with a filter, 2 toothbrushes for cleaning, and 2 brush boxes. The box measures 3.3×2.8×3.1 inches and the toothbrush cases measure 7.9×2.1×1.25 inches. Both the toothbrushes are 6.1 inches long and 0.8 inches in width.

Multipurpose Use: Its usability is not only limited to carrying dentures. All other protectors and orthodontic appliances can fit in this case, and you can use the case however you like.

Cleaning and Carrying: As 2 brushes are provided for cleaning dentures, there is no need to look for a new brush for a long period of time. Soaking the dentures and then filtering the residue from them is made easier with this case kit. Also, the tight seal will prevent leakage when you are on your way to your destination.

Things I Love:

  • Portable
  • Tight seal protection
  • 2 toothbrushes and boxes
  • Convenient customer service
  • Ergonomic design

Be Careful:

  • Only for partial dentures.

3. KISEER 2 Pack Denture Bath Case Cup Box with Strainer Basket

Here’s one for those who are looking for a small-sized denture kit. It can be used for partial dentures or small things like pacifiers, nipples, etc.

The pack includes 2 denture cases of the same size. The design allows you to manage your dentures without having to touch the solution inside the box. It is a pocket-friendly denture kit, both in terms of carrying and value.

Material: Both the cases are made from non-toxic, temperature-resistant, and durable PP material. The lid comes with a tight seal so that the solution stays in place when traveling.

Case Specification: This is a set of 2 denture boxes measuring 3.78×3.78×2.68 inches both. It is wide enough to carry small dentures and other things efficiently from one place to another.

Multipurpose Use: Jewelry, small orthodontic appliances, etc. can also be carried in these boxes with single or partial dentures. You can use the cases to clean or store these things anytime and anywhere.

Cleaning and Carrying: The boxes include ergonomically designed filters to help you store and clean dentures. The filters have large hooks and holes so that they stay in place inside the box and you can get your dentures out without touching the solution. Moreover, it is a pocket-sized travel case, making it effortless to carry.

Things I Love:

  • 2 case pack
  • Ergonomic design
  • Pocket-sized cases
  • Effortless carrying
  • Quality material

Be Careful:

  • Doesn’t include a toothbrush.

4. FRESH KNIGHT 2 Pack Retainer Mouth Guard Denture Case

This 2-pack retainer case is something that only serves to carry denture purposes. Wide and deep enough to carry full or partial dentures, you can carry this case anywhere you like without hassle.

The design of these cases is handy and you can put them inside your bag without having to worry about liquid spilling. It is a perfect travel denture case for school, office, traveling long hauls, or camping.

Material: High-quality BPA-free and FDA-approved polypropylene are used to make these retainer cases. These are non-toxic and smell-free, keeping your dentures healthy and toxicity-free.

Case Specification: Each case measures 3.1×3.1×1.5 inches, adequate for carrying single, partial, or full dentures. The lid has 2 ventilation holes that help to keep the stuff inside dry and odor-free.

Multipurpose Use: These are not for only carrying dentures. You can put in your gum protectors, aligner trays, etc. as well. Moreover, cleaning these are made easy as you can put them inside the dishwasher or simply wash them in an old-school way.

Cleaning and Carrying: These do not include filters and solution sections for cleaning your dentures. However, you can carry your dentures after washing them in another utensil, and these cases will keep them dry for as long as you want.

Things I Love:

  • BPA free material
  • FDA approved
  • Travel friendly
  • 2-case pack
  • Ventilation holes included

Be Careful:

  • Not for soaking/cleaning dentures.

5. Scotte Cups Bath Brush Retainer Dentures Cleaning Case

This Scotte denture case comes with a double-headed toothbrush and is designed for using it at home or anywhere you like. The 8-shaped case is designed ergonomically for better and firm grip, no matter where it is put.

Its European design allows you to enjoy its service for a long time after purchase. Also, you get 24/7 customer service upon buying this denture travel case.

Material: The material used is BPA-free and FDA-approved non-toxic propylene. It is made durable and temperature resistant to offer you its service for years.

Case Specification: The case measures 3.5×2.7×3.1 inch and can fit a single, partial, or full denture set. Its double-headed brush cleans precisely without changing the shape of dentures.

Multipurpose Use: Along with your dentures, you can carry a mouth guard, night guard, gum protector, aligner tray, and other orthodontic supplies.

Cleaning and Carrying: The basket inside the case filters out the solution after soaking the dentures in them. It keeps the dentures dry as well as letting you bring out them without touching the solution. Carrying the case is also easier, thanks to its tight upper lid.

Things I Love:

  • FDA approved
  • BPA free propylene
  • Includes double-headed toothbrush
  • Ergonomic and large design
  • Basket with handles
  • Responsive customer service

Be Careful:

  • No toothbrush box included.

6. Ocircle Denture Brush Retainer Case with Basket Holder

Last but not the least, here’s another Ocircle denture case that comes with a beautiful, small, and ergonomic double-headed brush. The brush is made small for you so that you do not have to go through buying a toothbrush box separately.

The case itself is large and can hold other small things as well besides carrying your dentures. If you are looking for an all-in-one denture case, this might be the one.

Material: BPA free non-toxic medical standard PP material is used to build this denture case. The blue brush that comes along is made ergonomically for better grip and has a transparent body.

Case Specification: 3.27×2.99×3.03 inches are its dimension and the brush is small enough to fit inside the box. Its nylon bristles bring out all the residue that stays after a long day of use.

Multipurpose Use: Full, single, or partial dentures, gum protectors, guards, delicate jewelry, pacifiers, etc. are portable in this denture case. Moreover, it is a dishwasher-proof case, making it easier to clean.

Cleaning and Carrying: It includes a deep solution section for soaking the dentures. The brush efficiently cleans dentures and its filtering basket rinses out the remaining solution completely after cleaning. Also, you can carry the case from one place to another as it secures all the stuff inside effectively.

Things I Love:

  • Ergonomic design
  • All-in-one case
  • BPA free
  • Responsive customer service
  • Small handy toothbrush

Be Careful:

  • Bit expensive.

What to Look for in A Denture Case?

A denture cases for traveler

You know your dentures best and should buy a denture travel case accordingly. However, no matter how your dentures are, there are some matters that you must check before buying a denture travel case.

Size is the main aspect. A pocket-sized and easily portable case is what you need during traveling. Also, make sure that the case comes with a proper seal to prevent any sort of leakage. You can also get a partial denture travel case for single or partial dentures.

There are denture bath cases that come with a basket. These are best for cleaning your dentures and also keeping them dry. With proper handling, a denture case can last for at least 8 years. Keep in mind that you choose a quality material case with positive reviews from users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why soaking dentures overnight is important?

Soaking dentures overnight is important to hold the moisture dentures need. It helps to keep the shape as it is. However, not all dentures require soaking overnight.

How to carry dentures while traveling?

If you are not wearing them while traveling, get a pocket denture case to store them properly. It will keep the dentures safe and moist when not in use and also prevent any kind of leakage.

Can I use mouthwash for cleaning dentures?

Mouthwash can also be used to clean dentures. By adding an equal amount of water and mouthwash, you can soak the dentures for 30-35 minutes and get them cleaned.

Is sleeping wearing dentures healthy?

No matter how many hours you sleep, remove dentures before sleeping. Sleeping wearing dentures is not recommended as it can cause harm to your health.

For how long can I wear dentures in a day?

You can wear dentures from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. However, before sleeping, leave the dentures soaked in the solution. It is best to leave them soaked for 8-10 hours per day.


As I have reached the end of my recommendation, I hope it helped you find the best denture case for your traveling and adventures.

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