8 Best Roof Rack for Honda CRV in 2023

Honda CRV is famous for its outstanding features, including high mileage, good off-road performance, and many more.

Ample roof storage is not one of them.

You can solve the problem by installing the roof rack. But a random incompatible rack can damage your car.

Ensure you get the best roof rack for Honda CRV to utilize its features. It will increase the storage on the roof and allow you to carry a lot of accessories without consuming inner space.

Your CRV look will be more rugged for off-road. It will also prevent any damage caused by putting more things inside. You can even install a roof top tent when you have a roof rack installed.

Top 8 Best Roof Rack for Honda CRV

Finding the best Honda CRV roof rack among the sea of options is tough. I have come up with these 7 roof racks suitable for your Honda CRV with their features, pros, and cons. It will help you find the right one.

1. BrightLines Roof Rack Cross Bars

BrightLines Roof Rack Cross Bar is a perfect example of the best roof rack for Honda CRV. The solid construction with premium aluminum makes it extremely rug and durable. It also gives your CRV a super sporty look.

Designed with a stylish aero wing shape, this rack minimizes wind noise. You can smoothly carry the roof when driving without having too much whistling. It is also T-slot accessories compatible for more convenient use.

Installation was never easier since you can mount it directly to pre-set bolts. You will also have all the tools and hardware required to install it.

The crossbars feature a lock to prevent any kind of stealing incident. With its 165lbs load capacity, you can easily carry a decent amount of load when distributed evenly.


  • Heavy-duty construction for added durability and longevity
  • Aero wing shape for less wind noise
  • Installation is easier
  • Lockable mechanism to prevent stealing
  • High load capacity


  • May whistle at high speed
  • The instruction manual should be more precise.

2. HEKA Roof Rail Rack + Cross Bar for Honda CRV

If you have CRV 2017-22, HEKA Roof Rail Rack + Cross Bar can be a good choice.

Its pre-drilled factory holes allow you to install without damaging your vehicle. You will also get all the necessary mounting hardware with it.

Taking off is easier as well. Simply remove the bolts and take them off when needed.

Two racks and 2 bars will help you add more versatility to your vehicle. You can carry more items with it. The rails are 76.5 inches long which improves the space on your roof.

The aluminum construction is well made, which prolongs the durability. It also looks attractive and solid. Its classic design prevents unusual noise when driving.


  • Suitable for different versions of CRV
  • Pre-drilled factory holes prevent any damage to cars while installing
  • All hardware comes with to assist the installation
  • Durable aluminum construction ensures durability
  • User-friendly design reduces noise while driving


  • Installation is a little bit tricky
  • The instruction is not up to the mark.

3. BRIGHTLINES Crossbars Roof Racks Cross Bars

BRIGHTLINES Crossbars Roof Racks Cross Bars promise to deliver excellent performance in your CRV. The high-grade aluminum construction makes it extremely durable yet lightweight. You can expect a decent lifespan from it.

When evenly distributed, it can deliver a load capacity of up to 168lbs. You can carry different staff in it without damaging your car.

Its aerodynamic design reduces the wind noise when driving at a higher speed. It also prevents any effect on the mileage.

Installation is not so tricky. Thanks to its pre-bolted holes, you can install it without drilling or modifying your car. It becomes easier since it comes with four mounting towers.


  • Inexpensive compared to many others
  • High-grade aluminum for added durability
  • Higher load capacity
  • Reduces wind noise with aerodynamic design
  • Comes with all installation hardware


  • Installation may need some tedious muscle power
  • Steps missing in the manual.

4. ANTS PART 4Pcs Roof Rack Side Rails + Cross Bars

ANTS PART 4Pcs Roof Rack Side Rails offer high-quality aluminum construction. It ensures durability and can handle up to 165lbs when evenly distributed. Good finish improves your car’s look as well.

The mounting brackets are also aluminum made for a solid installation. Plastic covers will prevent rusting and thus prolong the durability.

Thanks to its roof pre-set and bars, you can quickly assemble and remove the bars and rails. Though, you might need some basic ideas about installation to install it.

These crossbars and racks are suitable for carrying anything, even oversized items. You can take luggage, kayaks, canoes, snowboards, and others.


  • Inexpensive compared to other crossbars
  • Excellent finish for aesthetic car look
  • Suitable for carrying oversized items
  • Plastic covers for rust protection and durability
  • Aluminum construction for longevity


  • Need previous experience, proper reasoning, or guessing power for installation
  • Assembly bolts are too long than needed.

5. ROSY PIXEL Roof Rack Luggage Carrier

Do you own a Honda CRV 2017-22?

Then ROSY PIXEL Roof Rack Luggage Carrier can be a perfect fit.

This rack is made of aluminum alloy with a powder-coated finish and offers water-proof and anti-corrosion quality. Plastic covers even prolong longevity. You can use it for all weather, and it will stay protected.

Installation is not that tough since you can directly bolt to the roof pre-set and bars. With its load capacity of 165LBS/75KG, you can smoothly carry heavy luggage, cargo, snowboard, and others on the roof.

The front crossbar is designed to be a little longer than the rear one. It helps you to accommodate vehicles on the roof.

Its aerodynamic design with a smooth surface minimizes the noise when driving fast. It also helps you keep the speed and mileage up.


  • Aluminum construction with powder-coated finish for durability
  • Plastic cover for corrosion and water protection
  • Easy to assemble and remove
  • Aerodynamic design to reduce noise while driving
  • Higher load capacity to carry luggage and vehicle


  • No side rails included
  • The anti-theft lock should be there

6. Autoxrun Roof Rack Cross Bars

Most people find it a hassle to install crossbars due to the lack of proper instruction and hardware. Autoxrun Roof Rack Cross Bars come into the market to solve the problem.

Designed to OEM specs, you need no cutting or drilling to install these bars. An easy instruction manual with necessary hardware makes it even smoother to install.

Its black powder-coated aluminum construction makes it strong yet lightweight. It also ensures strength and corrosive resistance to prolong the lifespan.

You can use it for any weather. Its 100 lbs load capacity allows you to carry cargo, camping gear, bikes, kayaks, and others.

The aerodynamic design and the end caps reduce the noise while driving fast. It also improves your car’s look. If you have a 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, or 2016 Honda CRV, these Autoxrun racks will be a perfect fit.


  • Easy to understand manual for easy installation
  • Durable construction for added longevity
  • Powder coating to resist weather and corrosion
  • Aerodynamic design for wind and noise resistance
  • Higher load capacity to prevent damage to your car


  • You may need to elongate mounting hole slots
  • Rubber cushion should be there.

7. Mophorn Roof Rack 4Pcs Aluminium Roof Rack Rail 

Mophorn Roof Rack Rail is another excellent option for the 2017-21 model. They are excellent-built with durable aluminum alloy to match your vehicle perfectly.

You can easily carry cargo, luggage, and so on thanks to its 176 lbs weight capacity.

Its T-type design keeps your cargo safe. The rack rail is also rust-proof and corrosion-proof, making it suitable for all-weather conditions, including rainy or snowy.

Aerodynamic design smoothly handles wind and thus reduces wind noise when driving fast. With its round and well-finished corner, it avoids scratches during installation or during carrying anything.

You will get all the hardware needed to install it. There is even no need to create holes or drill to install it. You can do it without any hassle or without damaging your car.


  • Durable construction for added longevity
  • Higher load capacity to carry cargo, luggage, and others
  • All-season use for its rust-proof and corrosion-proof design
  • Aerodynamic design to reduce noise
  • Round and well-finished corner to prevent scratching


  • The installation hardware is cheap
  • Instruction could be better.

8. CXRCY CRV Silver Roof Rack Crossbars

You know, roof rack crossbars are not only designed for carrying stuff. Sometimes suitable racks can improve the aesthetic look of your vehicle. CXRCY Rack Crossbar is the kind of rack ideal for your 2017-21 CRV.

It can upgrade your vehicle’s look while increasing the storage capacity. Aviation aluminum construction combined with top-quality ABS plastic makes it durable yet lightweight.

You will get resistance against corrosion and use it all seasons. Its high-quality shockproof rubber cushion will reduce the noise while driving for a smooth experience.

Its 165 lb (75) kg max load capacity can easily meet your demand of carrying luggage, snowboards, kayaks, canoes, skis, bikes, and others.

Assembling and removing is easier thanks to its punch-Free installation. You can even install it without damaging or modifying your car.


  • Installation needs no drilling or modification to your car
  • Classic design to improve your vehicle roof
  • Durable aluminum and ABS construction for durability and weather resistance
  • Higher load capacity to increase your storage capacity
  • Shockproof rubber reduces wind noise


  • May need to take help from YouTube to install it
  • The screws are not rust-resistant.

How Do I Know What Roof Rack to Get?

But how can you know what roof rack is suitable for your Honda CRV? Well, let’s find out together.

Know Your Needs

The first thing to know is your needs. Are you planning to carry luggage or a bike? Or are you planning to install a roof top tent?

Remember that carrying different stuff may require different types of racks. So know your needs and pick one that can fulfill your needs.

Consider The Weight

Consider having a low-profile rack with higher capacity. It will help you load and unload your stuff quickly. You will even experience lower noise while driving due to this low profile. And low noise means better fuel mileage.

Know The Measurement

Before purchasing a rack, make sure you know the measurement. Without proper measurement, you may pick the wrong size rack.

Materials And Durability

The aluminum and plastic combination works best for racks and rails. It makes them durable yet lightweight. Make sure there is no cheap material.

Take Help from Professional

If you are unsure about the right pick-up, take help from an expert. Make sure the expert is trustable, and you know him personally.

How Easy Is It to Install and Remove?

It is an important part most people ignore. You must check whether the rack is easy to install and remove or not. This simple thing can make you fall into trouble. Try something that comes with a proper instruction manual, and that is easy to install.

The Process of Honda CRV Roof Rack Installation

Installation is simple. But you need to follow the correct method. Go through the process below.

  • Measure the length of the crossbar and the width of the roof. Choose a rack that is the correct size for your car.
  • Read the manual and see some YouTube videos. It will give you clear instructions about what to do.
  • Install the base of the rack onto the car. You may need to use screws or bolts to attach the base to the vehicle.
  • Attach the crossbars to the base of the rack.
  • Install the roof rack onto the car.
  • Tighten the clamps to secure the rack in place.

Roof Rack Installation on Honda Crv

Frequently Asked Questions

I have answered some of the commonly asked questions about roof racks for CRV. Check them out.

How much is a roof rack for a Honda CRV?

Ans. The cost of a roof rack for the Honda CRV varies from around $47 to $100 or more. You should always pick the right one with good quality and compatibility instead of price.

Is it worth getting a roof rack?

Ans. Yes, the roof rack enables you to free up inner spaces that will help you store more items than before. You can even install a roof top tent to enjoy the whole experience of camping.

Can you put a roof rack on a CRV?

Ans. Yes, you can put a roof rack on a CRV.  It will help you get additional storage and let you install a roof top tent.

Will a roof rack damage my car?

Ans. If the roof rack exceeds the car’s weight limit, the chances are high that a roof rack will damage your vehicle. So, make sure you know the weight limit of your vehicle and install a roof rack according to that.

Time to Wrap Up

The best roof rack for Honda CRV will change the experience of your car storage. You can carry a lot more things than before without consuming the inner space. It will free up the internal space for more storage and provide fresh air to breathe.

Consider the building materials of the roof rack. Try to get all metal. Consider the measurement of your roof and pick one according to that. Do not forget why you are getting the rack. Remember that a good rack will make your journey awesome, while a lousy rack can destroy your trip. So put enough time and effort into finding the right one for your CRV.

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